electrical gremlin in my Vito

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Apr 25, 2023
Vito 109 CDI 2007
Hello, I got a Vito 2007 109 CDI last weekend with over 200k miles on. Seemed ok on the drive home but then the battery light came on and wouldn't start. put a new battery in and the problem persisted so I put an alternator in and even though its sending 14.5 volts to the battery the light still comes on (starts and drives fine). ESP light is on along with a new one today - a wheel with arrows around it like a skid. AND a light warning light - I had a look around and found the rear lights stay on when the lights are off but go out when the ignition is switched off. Brake pad warning light is on even though I changed the pads and adjusted the parking brake which seems to be strong. ABS light came on today. Cleaned all the contact points and checked all the fuses. Ordered a new brake light switch as I heard that could cause the ESP light problem and ordered a O/S/R ABS sensor (because I broke it trying to get it out as someone suggested it could be a problem and I'd been working on that wheel cleaning a calliper slider that had stuck which was immediately followed by the skid warning light)), also got engine oil and filter and tomorrow I'm going to change the gear and diff oil because its whining when I ease off the accelerator. Should probably (definitely) had a diagnostic done.
You sometimes get those warning lights when you have Low voltage due to the system shutting others down in order for the van to keep running.. it would be worth you getting it on Star to see if any fault codes pop up!
If diff has got to the stage of whining, fresh oil may not shut it up for long.

Deffo get it on a star diagnostic, the lights staying on is definitely an issue - could be a SAM? (Or possibly a wiring issue, check all the earth points are good.)

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