ESP / ABS light comes on intermittently

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I’m confused too, hence why I’m asking on here. This is not a black and white typical sensor fault. There is something else going on but your right if it was a faulty sensor I would see it on the live data
Ide say its the wiring and connector the sensor is plugged into. not the rings or the abs module. Them sensors are sensitive as hell to get damaged. either buy the small connector and wiring back to the abs module or hard wire it thru yourself to the connector for your abs sensor to plug into. There is also a red herring fault with them W04's and the speed sensors. When your battery is struggling to put out correct current for the modules the ABS light can trip on. For some reason i noticed this before on a end of life battery on one. When the guy was blasting his tunes and his battery was going flat. An ABS fault appeared and it would come up as front left speed sensor . Im guessing its because thats the 1st one in the circuit.
To rule it out completely i advise on charging up your battery or trying another battery. Spray the hell out of the connector with switch cleaner too.

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