GLE Coupe Press Release

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Of course you are. But to Mercedes its irrelevant - you aren't a customer.

I'm just teasing you a bit.

Ok, fair enough. Thing is though that, although I'm not a customer now, I might have been in a few years time.
Well, I am definitely in two minds over the look. Like the front but not from the side.

Also, from a practicality perspective, that will be no better than any hatchback as the sloping roofline will probably mean large box like items cannot be carried.

I'll stick to an E Class Estate.
I understand why they're making it, and am sure they will sell. Not to me though - I'd rather walk!
Is it a coincidence that all the press releases I have seen, probably not all, give lots of good sounding text and leave any pictures to the end ?

It looks as bad as that BMW thing.

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