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    Jul 14, 2013
    1999 clk 430
    I recently purchased a 2000 CLK 430 with the AMG kit ....Its Canadian model came with the kilometer gauges and Day time running lights. Originally I wanted a 2001 E55 but the deal fell through and I needed a car badly. I looked for a 2001 CLK 55AMG and at that time no one was selling one close enough for me to purchase or simple within my price range at that time.

    My plan in the Fall is to drop the 2001 CLK 55AMG engine in they sale them pretty cheap here in South Florida I've seen a few under 80,000 miles going for $2000.00 I no stranger to turning a wrench so with all the research I've read here shouldn't be to bad of a weekend project.

    I'm by far no stranger to modifying and have close ties to friends who can make things like exhaust,header's or whatever if its made out metal or Aluminum we can make it lol. So as I lurk here for a while look out for some interesting things being made for the CLK 208 owners out there I'm not throwing a sales pitch and hope I'm not violating in rules just stating my intentions and absolutely love the ride.

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