1. Lennox

    Porsche club meeting in EK.

    Heres some car p0rn Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
  2. F

    Club Shop

    Apologies if this is not the right place to raise this but I'm trying to make a purchase from the club shop but can't get past the 'log' in or 'instant purchase page'. Can anyone offer any assistance? Many thanks
  3. U

    New to MB club

    Hi all, back in a C class again, petrol this time round.
  4. C

    Mechanical club

    My R129 isn't perfect but that's because it's a project car I want to get up to par through my own work. Is there a club or meet that's gets people together to discuss or work on cars. The local place to hire 'Ramp it up' in Avonmouth has just closed so I'm at a loss for advice or opportunity to...
  5. R

    200,000 mile club!!

    Just thought I would mention.... I have owned my CLS55 for 6 years. I now have 200,000 miles on the clock. I like the car so much I am probably going to buy another one!!
  6. CRBXF

    C300h owners club

    Just thought I would ask as the C300e guys have their own thread and so I thought this might be an area for the "other" hybrid in the C class(!) I am also interested to know how many others are on here and what is the best and worst bits of owning a C300h?
  7. F

    Finally joined the club... C63 owner

    Long time lurker... Finally managed to get my hands on my dream car a few months ago... It's a facelift C63 with performance pack plus. It an absolute dream to drive and I had it on a track today with my mate who also has one! Incredible! Not sure i'll do anything too it yet...
  8. Druk

    MB Club being masked?

    Deleted question. Problem solved. .
  9. Greyman63

    Just joined the club...

    With a black on black CLS55! Picking it up tomorrow and can't wait! The CLS wasn't even on my radar until about 10 days ago. For the last couple of months I have been looking at CL63's...then as I found one that suited I was thinking that its not really the right fit so started looking at fast...
  10. flowrider

    Mercedes Club website down?

    Is anyone else having issues with connecting to.......... Home - Mercedes Benz Owners Site appears to be dowm. Thanks
  11. m2287

    Ive joined the AMG Kompressor club

    Got myself an S55 AMG on a bit of a whim! It needs a good once over with a machine polisher and it will look great!
  12. 89speedster

    Anyone know my car? Former MB club owner

    Good evening all, Picked this little beauty up today. Really happy with it. Car has lived in Liverpool and more recently Worcestershire. Lots of MB club stickers on it, so one of the owners must have been a pretty keen member. Sadly, some of the early history is missing which I'd like...
  13. V

    New to the Club :)

    Hi All, I have just signed up and wanted to say hello! I've been reading up on here for a while before ordering my first Mercedes (and first brand new car) about 3 weeks ago. I managed to get a great deal on a C43 Coupe and cannot wait until the 13th September to get my hands on it...
  14. pcdocs

    Newbie member to the C63 AMG Club, big grin!

    Had it exactly a week, filled up three times so far! :dk: I can't stop grinning, and I've turned into a teenager all over again. No bridge or tunnel is safe!
  15. L

    Happy to be joining the Merc Club!

    Hello all, I recently bought my first Mercedes, deciding upon a CLS 320 cdi with Brabus chip. I have to say what a fantastic car - an effortless pleasurable drive on long trips with a great turn of pace when required through a smooth power delivery. Why the Merc - well I decided after...
  16. M

    C350e owners club, forum views.

    Are we the most looked at part of the forum? Just noticed that we have 184 thousand "views", far more than any other section. Is the C350e the most coverted car ever! :bannana:
  17. M

    new to MB club I E320

    Hi Im new to this forum I just brought a E320 2003 last week and I must say I love it great forum found loads of stuff out been really usefull :)
  18. V

    AMG car club

    Would like info on this can someone post me a link? Ta:thumb:
  19. G

    Just wondered if I have an entry for the starship mileage club here?

    Hi all, don't post often but that may change after my latest purchase! I am now the proud owner of a S210 320 CDi that has covered a staggering 361000 miles..... She is a 2 owner car and has a FULL Mercedes history :bannana: The bills from Mercedes are nothing short of ridiculous, gave up...
  20. Edwards521

    Just joined the C63 Club, but may have an issue...?

    Hi all! I've just purchased a 61 plate C63 and absolutely love it! I've had loads of BMW's; M3 etc, but moved to an E Class Cabriolet last year and discovered a new Brand for me. One thing I have noticed though is that there's a clicking/tapping noise that's noticable when driving near...
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