Help!!! R129 Hardtop won't lock down 😭

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Yes, was standing next to the car when roof was taken off, soft top raised and then put back away, hard top put back on.
The front is locking in perfectly fine, it's just the rear that's sitting high.

I do not have the instructions, will have a look online for proper tutorial.
From memory the instructions are in the owners handbook ; there is also a few pages of diagnostic steps somewhere online re troubleshooting the R129 roof , sadly , about 5 years since I sold mine , and about as long that I ran with just the soft top , yet before selling it I put the hard top back on and it locked first time . As others have mentioned , there are slight discrepancies between different hard tops and different cars , it may just need wiggling around to get it all to line up properly ; from memory , with the trim inside the boot removed you can see the pins coming down from the hard stop and how they line up with the hydraulic latches - may help if it is only the back not locking properly .

I'm sorry , it has been a long time since I had mine .

Have taken some photos this morning, was a tad dark so may not be the best. But hopefully good enough

Yep , same with soft top - it locks at the front before the tonneau goes down and then the rear soft top closes and locks on top of it .

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