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Aug 10, 2014
2004 Mercedes E55 AMG W211 m113k
So I've just finished a rockercover gasket/seals change, and now the car won't drop to normal revs and it sticks when you rev it. I've seen a post where people are telling the guy to check all the pipes and i have checked them all everything is on :wallbash: Anyone have any ideas or anything to check ? Thanks
So i did a little more digging and finally found the problem. It's clearly a common thing to happen when doing the gaskets on the rockercover.
Ok so the problem, there's a metal hose that mounts onto the rockercover (back of the engine passenger side) Now this sneaky pipe seems to pop out of its hole when taking the cover off. If you follow the pipe from the rockercover it should lead into a hole at the back of the supercharger. Now this is extremely easy to miss, i had to take the serge tank breathers off to get proper access. So just a heads up for anyone having the rev problem after gasket change that's definitely a place to check. Hope this helps someone else.

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