Hi all, back again, trying to decide between these two E350 CDI's. Could use some opinions

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You read my mind. A stage 1 map is first order of business! I just need to find a reputable shop near me (Peterborough) who can do it.
MSL Birmingham
Mine has an MSL remap. (Well, actually a Big Fish Tuning remap, but the dyno work was done at MSL; I understand MSL now do all their own, including the map, but I doubt they'll be inferior). I had a 2014 E350 CDI with a TDI Tuning box on it (fitted it myself), but although TDI claim the same peak power and torque, the difference between the box and the MSL remap on my 2013 CLS is very evident; the remap is far superior.
The white car has Audio20, the silver one has COMAND and UCI. The latter is the better system.

However, the white car has ILS... which is nice.

EDIT: ah... I see you already bought it :)
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I bought 2010 3,5 sports £6000 june20 by june21 ihad done 32000 miles no issues remamped to 300hp excellent on deisal goes like a space rocket

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