Horror story

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Aug 22, 2018
London, England
C Class Coupe
Hi all,

I am new to this forums and in need of some serious advice.

I have been having issues with the brakes of my car (C Class Coupe) for about 4 - 6 months after I purchased it. The steering wheel and the brake pedal always vibrate when I apply the brake going at speed over 30 Miles per hour.

The issue was reported several times to Mercedes-Benz customer service and appointments (about 5 appointments) were booked with Mercedes – Benz Dartford, Bromley and Orpington. On the last appointment, I was charged for a new rims, 2 tyres, brake pads and brake disc.

Just before the incident, I remember my wife saying she could hear a noise coming from the car, which eventually stopped. This was about 10 -15 minutes into the journey.

On the 20th May 2018 at about 4:30- 5:00am, I, my wife and my seven-month-old baby were driving up Plumstead common road. Then suddenly, I heard a loud noise from the passenger front side of the car. In shock, my first reaction was to tell my wife to hold on to our baby's car seat. Next thing I noticed was that my car was on the right-hand side of the road and then onto the pavement. We were lucky that it was bushes and not a fence, bus stop or wall we hit on climbing on the pavement. I remember the steering wheel was hard and it felt like it was locked to the right and for a few minute it was impossible to gain control of the car, I then remember crashing into a wooden pillar on the pavement, which from the pictures attached, you can see that was what damaged the front of the car. I manged to get the car back onto the road after avoiding a concrete fence and I remember avoiding a few cars at the roundabout before the car suddenly stopped.

I immediately got my family out of the car to a safe distance and then went back to the car to call the emergency services via the SOS call button in the car.

After several complains to MB they decided to carry out an investigation which lead to them saying the below.

'' Thank you for your patience whilst we’ve investigated your concerns.

You expressed a concern with the wheels and rims on your car when your heard a loud noise from the front passenger side and then your car went up on the pavement. The safety of our customers is very important to us, so I very much appreciate you contacting us.

An inspection was arranged to thoroughly examine your car by our Mercedes-Benz Cars UK Special Investigation team. This has now been completed and I am pleased to confirm that no evidence of a material defect were found that would have caused the left front road wheel to fracture around its circumference.

Examination of the mating surface between the hub assembly and the wheel found no evidence of fretting impact marks to suggest the wheel bolts had been left loose prior to the incident.

There was evidence of heavy impact damage on the inner rim section of the wheel assembly with corresponding damage on the tyre. There was a second impact to the inner wheel where it most likely impacted against the steering joint. More significantly, the rim was noted to be 'out of round' (oval in shape). The amount of force required to cause rim ovality, is a strong indicator that rim impacting occurred prior to the fracture.

Further evidence of impact 'curbing' was found on both right side road wheels and the right side steering track arm were seen to be deformed from impact damage.

In summary, there was no evidence of a material defect that would have caused the left front road wheel to fracture around its circumference. There was however, evidence to suggest a significant impact to the left front road wheel at the inner rim. This had caused significant deformity of the wheel and the consequential fracture.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to examine your car, we hope the findings from the inspection carried out help to allay your concerns. I would recommend that you now pass these findings to your insurance company to help you further.

I appreciate this may not be the response you were hoping for. If you are unhappy with this final decision put forward, you are welcome to seek advice with an independent such as The Motor Ombudsman (www.themotorombudsman.org).''

Please I am in serious need to advice from you guys as I am not sure what more I can do here? any advice will be much appropriated.



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