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Not sure really, wasn't sure what the picture of the car had to do with the medical condition being described.

Why has he written an entry into the General Medical council on ebay?

Absolute tosh.

(Dr) Richard (PhD from 6 tokens from Kellogs Cornflakes)
Maybe he's not selling the car at all, but is getting back at R&W motors for clocking it..
thats a very confusing listing...............why would you bother bidding....too complicated.....plenty of others
be interesting to see what it fetches - hope he lives long enough to see it - he doesn't sound at all well [ might be a she - childbirth is mentioned chapter 97 paragraph 4 ]
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I'm pretty sure it's a genuine sale, maybe he intends to persue the original seller he bought it from for the difference in sale price to what he paid, or something along those lines.

be interesting to see what it fetches - hope he lives long enough to see it

lol:D . Why put the disability in the ad? I'm confused is it man or car that has the vibration issue:confused:
Got it now after a re-read. Should have put the kettle on.....
is it an S55 though? The HPI report says it a Cat-C S500 ???:confused:
what about the statement regarding the AMG logos on the instrument cluster? It's a very confusing car....wouldn't touch it with a smelly stick!
And so is
and my wife has put a rub on the rear bumper.
There's a clue there somewhere.
I didn't get that far I was filling up after reading about childbirth and torture and the people that can't get out of bed and I had to put it down will try again tomorrow after a good nights sleep -
Who on earth would consider buying that thing with so many apparent `issues` with it?,and i only read half-way through the listing before appoplexy set in....
i think that's a super ad....had me laughing all the way through, although i doubt the owner who's been ripped off is amused.

These S55's will go on forever so if you can get beyond the mileage issue, and the stupid badges which are totally wrongly placed, then it's a lovely car.

These S55's will go on forever

No they won't, especially not when (a) driven like mad and (b) badly maintained. Sadly enough, large engined cars often fall prey to both.

if you can get beyond the mileage issue, and the stupid badges which are totally wrongly placed, then it's a lovely car.

Are you sure you've been reading the same add? :confused:

- it's been clocked, it's had a minimum of 90,000 miles probably 100,000 miles removed
- Servicing from the time it was brought into the country until 2002 is not known
- R&W did issue a warranty with the car but Riz forgot to put the mileage on it, so I'm not sure if it valid.
- plate was off a vehicle that was written off 5 months previously
- A motor in the air conditioning squeaks
No Owners manual
- Some scratching of the glass on the drivers window.
and to top it all off:

There are the [highlight]normal[/highlight] patches of rust bubbling
:crazy: Come and have a look at my s-class or the many others around the neighbourhood here. There is no rust bubbling on them and neither has it any of the other problems mentioned for this car.

I'll say it again: a big engined s-class for small change money is not an option in the real world. One in good condition gives the very best Mercedes driving, but it comes at a cost and so does maintaining it in that condition.
'Diving a car like mad' does no harm to these MB engines, no matter what level of servicing is done.

I see the negatives list, but i don't see that any of those are a deal's not like it's being sold at top dollar.

Unless the car is a insurance write-off or stolen recovered, then i see no issue. The list of negatives you highlight is small and easy stuff to address. High mileage is the only non-reversible, but it's all about definition of high.

I see the boys from R&W at auctions... I wouldnt buy a car off these bunch if they were the last dealer on earth...

Its hard to explain but not the friendliest looking chaps... all of them speak as if they didnt get past their yr11 SAT's and are usually very rude to the auction staff...

That said, they buy a lot of expensive cars and so the auctions love them.

They bought this car for about £15k under its advertised value from BCA Measham... the car had half of the front bumper, radiator, oil cooler etc hanging off... the paintwork was bad all the way around the car.. and basically just looked and felt abused.
Are you sure you've not confused them with someone else Jay. There advert says:

We have built up an enviable reputation for quality, commitment and customer satisfaction.

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