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I would like to contribute but I dont trust PayPal. Can I do a bank transfer?
Curious as to what it is about PayPal you do not trust?
I haven't used PayPal for more than a year since they adopted the policy of accepting charge backs on payments for goods supplied via Ebay on the whim of the recipient of the goods.
All done :D

Thanks to all those that participate in spending their own time keeping the forum up and running and upto date :cool:

One of two best forums online ;)
Happy to contribute - but not through PayPal.
I object or being forced to signup to PayPal just to make a payment.
if you send me bank details or other method - happy to send money!
As you all know I no longer have an MB but this forum has helped me so much and I am proud to say I still come here everyday. Hopefully I can help others

Done :thumb:
I'm sure you don't need a paypal account to be able to pay via paypal these days, just your card details. There is no risk, we are sending to the forum and not a dodgy 2nd hand parts seller in Romania lol
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