Mercedes Me on a S204 ??

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Nov 26, 2015
2013 C250 AMG Sport estate
On a recent trip to my local main dealer I noticed that they were giving the mercedes me adptot away for free, so I decided to get one fitted on my 2013 S204. My question is this, apart from showing me my reg number and chassis number on the phone app does it do anything else, or is it a completely pointless this to keep plugged into my car? I downloaded the mercedes store app and it says there is no digital service available for my car, which is fair enough being a 9 year old car. It just strikes me as a pointless thing to have and can see why they are free. I welcome any input from other w204 owners using this device or any views from others.
Thanks in advance.
i have it on mine and yes its a bit gimmicky but i like it i use it to keep track of my journeys and fuel spend plus where the car is parked location plus i like the info you get after each journey showing you coolant temp,battery voltage,oil temp,intake air temp and outside air temp i am a bit geeky like that, yes its not as good as on the newer cars like remote locking and starting etc but for free i think it is worth it
I had one in my W212 for a while but its pretty useless.
Unplugged it and left it in the car when I sold it.
I won't be getting one for my S204.

The integrated Mercedes Me in later models are far better and offer many more options.
The app has 'cockpit mode' that shows (some) engine live data, if that's of interest to you. I particularly like the oil temperature display. Also, the app can call the emergency service and/or Mobilo (as needed), if you configure it this way.
Thanks for the replies guys, after reading what there should be available other than my reg and vin number I did some investigating and it turns out I didn't have the right app down loaded on my phone 😅 😀. Although there is nothing really useful on the app really, at least its now working.👍

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