Newbie with a couple of problems.


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Jun 21, 2010
w204 c220 cdi sport
Hi I have just purchased w202 c180 sport on a w reg which has a couple of problems the first is with the BAS/ESP light which is constantly on brakes work ok as do the brake lights and cruise control is ok,I have searched all the forums and the brake light switch could be faulty or BAS control unit could have water inside as seller did steam clean engine bay,but I can't see it anywhere I believe it lies beneath the servo but I can't see it anywhere,the light comes on as soon as the engine is started I have tried the lock to lock reset but no joy,could it be the switch even though the cruise control works.the other issue is with the passenger side front electric window goes down ok but doesn't come up I have to hit pressing the switch and the glass moves about 1 cm every push of switch,does that sound like the regulator or the switch.also I can't find the locking wheel nut key,do the dealers or Indy's have a master set to remove old ones so I can buy new ones.sorry for the long thread but I hope you can help me enjoy my car a little bit more,as I feel a little disappointed.

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