Odd resonance... W218

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Apr 1, 2022
CLS 350 SB
I have a 2014 W218 Shooting Brake, AMG Sport with Air Suspension, 77k miles.

I've got an issue with a resonance at 70mph+, best way to describe it is the sort of buffetting noise you get if you open a window at speed, but quieter. Like a vibration in the air, but you can't feel it through the wheel and the car.

So far, I've checked the wheels - one was cracked and buckled due to pothole damage, now fixed - and replaced both rear tyres. No change. All wheels balanced and alignment checked and corrected.

Other suspects are the front brake discs, where there is a slight tremor through the wheel under braking. The front n/s wheel does not spin as freely through one part of the rotation as I'd expect, but there is no excess heat to indicate binding.

I'm going to change the front tyres next... although they still have 3.5mm of tread I'm wondering if one has developed a fault after hitting the pothole although there is no visual damage.

Any other ideas?
Maybe a loose panel underneath?🤔
Good shout., thanks. I'll have a poke around underneath.

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