Om651 - Chain vs Tensioner

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the chain tensioner is easy to replace and costs £45 for an INA brand one which is OE quality
prime the tension in fresh oil before fitting it - A6510500800 this is the part number
fitting takes about 30minutes- just make sure the engine is at TDC otherwise takes some brute force to push it in =)
Thanks mate. Decided not to do it as an oil change seems to have fixed the issue for now. I dont get the rattle anymore even if the car has been sat for long. Will definitely look into it if the noise comes back
I've done this twice now, first time not easy as engine was not TDC, second time piece of cake with engine at TDC. Easily doable in an hour and a half.
I would just monitor it for now, every now and again on cold start, just listen for any tell tail signs, you WILL hear them if its a problem. chances are there is no issue.

Lots of things can fail, but I wouldnt worry until something does, otherwise you could be pumping money into a car with no problems. I learnt this the hard way over the years.

Pretty tough motors these OM651's Plenty about with >200K miles on them. Enjoy :)
I have one with 252,000 km still on original tensioner and chain but going to change to updated tensioner

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