Painting small covers (windscreen washer and jack point cover)

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For parts as small as that I’d paint them yourself.

Buy the paint from a proper automotive paint shop who can also supply the 2K clear coat in a can. Read up about the precautions of using this first obviously.

One can of clear will be plenty for both items.

Nothing to lose, just take your time.

I take it you have used aerosol paint before? :)
I have never thought about going to a proper automotive shop for spray paint(not being sarcastic here) but will attempt this very soon, a couple of off the shelf acrylic cans, I know wont:
a. Be a good match or
b. Leave a good finish, the clear is a bitch to spray right

Having said that headlamp washer covers are small and have a defined border so matching won’t be as crucial, get your paint code and head out to the Amazon.

Spray Paints 4u are quite good with a good spray pattern and get one of those clip on triggers for fine control, just sprayed the tops of my lug bolts with generic extra shiny black after getting the rust off with a DA, no cllear coat, came out lovely, and as they were warm from the sanding paint went on a treat
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Thanks - no I haven't, otherwise I wouldn't be asking such naive questions :)
Don’t beat yourself up over it, do what I do when I want to find out how to do something YouTube it. I have found out how to do a power steering pump, fix a door lock actuator, sort the mirror direction switch, that wouldn’t go down. How to take apart a Mercedes dashboard, I could go on.
It’s a pretty good match, give the surrounding area a machine polish ad it will blend in better, its just too shiny ☀️
'Cos it's new!
A good polish should blend it in just fine.
Putting all that scuffing on there in an attempt to draw the eye away from any colour match minor imperfection works a treat. I don't even notice any colour issues as I can't help but look at the scuffs 😁

Seriously, no one would know that is a replacement cover. Good job!
This was the damage before a clay bar and hand polish. As soon as I touched the washer cover it fell off.

I’m a little busy at the moment but soon I’ll get a DA on it and see if I can make it acceptable or if it will need a smart repair of some kind.

P.S. I didn’t do this!


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