R129 passenger window now working (causing roof not to)

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Dec 22, 2010
Hi, yesterday after agreat drive home with the roof down, I went to put it back up. For some reason I turned the ignition off mid cycle and the roof collapsed back down.
I then couldn't get the roof to go back up and noticed the passenger window doesn't do it's lower as part of the cycle, so tried using window controls, it does not move.
I haveanaged to get the roof up manually, however window is not functioning at all.

Has anyone had this issue and manage to resolve it, I'm hoping something simple and it seems a window issue rather than roof.

Have you checked the fuses for the windows, both in the rear fuse box. Is your battery good ?
So I had checked the fuse box even replace the fuse (which looked fine) with a spare, still didn't work.
Read your message had another look and thought why don't I swap left fuse with right fuse and see if right window stops opening and left does.

To my surprise and joy, they both now work 😂😂😂

So thanks for the nudge to try again
Good result! I'd guess the fuse contacts were slightly corroded/oxidised and removing & re-inserting a couple of times cleared this.

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