SL500 R230 Parking sensors

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Just purchased a 2003 SL500 R230 as a second/weekend car. Schoolboy of not checking the full optional extras on this model and assumed that because there are front and rear parking sensors installed on the bumpers, that they were operational (had E350 2013 and they had them on, so just made that assumption), seems when you read the manual these are an extra as have the * prefix on the parctronic.

As the car is being garaged, I could do with getting them working, does anyone know if there is a reasonable way to get these retrospectively operational?

Thanks in advance,

The car does not have any of the parktronic sensors if it does not have the parktronic option. Sounds like the car has had new bumpers with sensors installed. Now you should figure out if there is any wiring present. Most likely not if you do not have the parktronic control button or front and rear distance indicators. I guess it could also be some after market system, perhaps with audible alerts only.

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