standard interior of W164

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Sep 5, 2010
Hi Guys
Its been a while and i've changed cars ,.....again. We've now got a 2010 ML350 3.0l V6 Diesel. So apart from the usual niggly little points there are 2 big ones that really bug me. First, the Mercedes media system has been replaced with a android type replacement with an LCD colour screen, nice to look at, but nothing works. The only thing that i can get going is one Radio station at 103.00 freqency. I get the feeling i need my phone with me for it to work. Secondly is the poor main lights,

so 2 questions ,
What would have been the original mercedes unit installed as i think going back would be a great option. secondly has anyone upgraded to LED lights if so, what is needed, just the bulbs or new lamp units as well.

Any information would be great even any tips on installing the unit i have (See pics) I only have whats on it , cable harness etc (not much) and canbus decoder, NO manual

Many thanks guys


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Hi......Just so you know....fitting LED bulbs in a headlight designed for ordinary halogen bulbs is illegal and an instant MOT fail on a car of that also will probably give a rubbish pattern and dazzle other drivers as reflectors/projectors designed for halogen cant focus LED light.....So you would need complete LED headlights...(did they do them in ML's back then?) and all the wiring/software to go with them. Just get some quality upgraded bulbs to go in your current lights....I like Osram Nightbreakers....bright....but they dont last that long!!! ideal about the stereo though!!!
The headlights on that generation suffer from projector burn which really reduces output. The outer lens can be dull too but that’s easy to polish up and will help a bit. Good quality halogens as suggested is the best you will do other than replacing the headlight units. There are YouTube videos about taking them apart to replace the projectors but it looked too complex for me. I just ended up making them as good as I could and putting up with it. The original head units ntg2.5 I think are expensive second hand. It may be better finding an audio shop to see if they can get your android unit going. It can get quite complex depending on the original spec of the car.

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