Stepping up from a 2008 SLK 280 Auto to a 2004 SL 350 Auto.

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Hello again to you all. Well the return trip this morning resulted in me agreeing the purchase of a 90,000 miles late 2007 SLK 350 Auto with my 110,000 miles 2008 SLK 280 in PX.
I should be getting confirmation of a successful MoT for another year and then I can collect.

The car to all intent and purpose looks outwardly just like the Silver car that MikeInWimbledon has posted an image of albeit I cannot see any interior detail of that particular car.

The one that I am getting has something of an 'Individual' theme about it - with Red Seat Belts that compliment the Twin Needle machining detail on the leather trim and the feature stitching on the steering wheel.
These little extra items of detail came under the general heading of Designo on the R170 SLK's and would often be painted with a small range of specialised paint finishes.

I considered this example of an SLK 350 Auto just to good to ignore.

Images in due course !!

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