Turbo Whistling....help!!

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Jan 31, 2005

Can anyone help. Just had my 2002 ML 270 CDI serviced (not at a dealer!) and it's suddenly developed a strange whisling noise. This was definatly not there prior to the service.
It starts at around 1500rpm and goes away at around 2500rpm.

I took it back to the garage who checked all the pipes etc and concluded the noise was coming from the turbo.

Luckily the garage owner also has the same ML (2004) so they could compare both cars side by side. There seemed to be no loss in performance compared with his.

They hooked both ML's up to the diagnostic computer and both gave the same readings etc, boost pressure was also the same.

He also took it to the local MB dealer who told him this was normal. (Strange as his ML doesn't whistle anywhere near as much, if at all)

My question is, what can be done to rectify this, it's getting really anoying!!
Will I need a new turbo soon or can it be fixed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Might be worth checking that the air filter is where it should be and was not accidently left out during the service (my thoughts being that the air filter would subdue the 'whistle' from the turbo).
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Many years ago I owned a Sabb 900 Turbo. At 60k miles the turbo started whistling - it wasn't loud, but it was audible at certain rev ranges. 1000 miles later lots a blue smoke and a new turbo!

It might have been coincidental - who knows. I am always wary of any noise that 'suddenly' appears.

Paul G

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