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Jul 29, 2012
Right, a reluctant but realistic sale, basically a conversion kit to create a W123 560 V8 for your W123.

Thought I’d offer it to enthusiasts first before opening the floodgate on Ebay, and attracting nutters and dreamers etc

As you can see from the pics, there are a lot of parts and the engine will require putting together…there is also a genuine factory manual in with the sale.

The M117.968 HV was running and had 99k on the clock when taken out of the donor car.

I decided to change a few items on the engine as a precaution (cam chain, blades etc), clean it up and it snowballed from there.

Crank, rods and pistons are as is, and not been removed, bores are great no ridges or noticeable wear.

A seasoned Mercedes mechanic who builds these engines told me it may be prudent to change the piston rings, bearing shells and valve guides while rebuilding, and the issue of cylinder block thread stripping happens when these engines have overheated or corrosion of bolts due to water leaks, none of which happened to this engine.
All bolts came out easily, threads in good condition and I decided to get new bolts as a precaution for the rebuild.

The original auto box was sold on, as this conversion was going to be a 6 speed manual, with a gearbox conversion plate, and a serpentine belt conversion, both were going to be supplied by MB-V8 Conversions company.

Both of these items never materialised.

There are two other companies online that make/supply these items reliably, without ‘issues’ along with upgraded fuel and ignition management systems.

You could stick with the auto box route by getting a 722.3 box, one from another 560 is available on Ebay right now, from a place not far from me, and I have the original plate and ring gear in with the parts for sale.

The following list of items in the kit with the engine as follows:

New Genuine Mercedes parts as follows:

Cam chain, blades, tensioner etc
Oil pump and chain
Water pump and thermostat
cylinder head bolts
various engine bolts
distributor cap
inlet rubbers
injector rubbers
breather hoses/pipes
Various gaskets, rubbers, clips etc
Exhaust cross pipe and rear silencer
Correct front coil springs to suit this engine in a W123
Manual gearbox cradle
W126 brake plates for front discs

Other new parts as follows:

Bosch OEM fuel injector set
Elring full OEM engine gasket set
Meyle engine and gearbox rubber mounts
Goodridge front brake hoses
Full set of brake discs and pads (W126 ventilated fronts), and all clips etc
Complete remanufactured genuine W126 (larger) front and rear brake calipers
Camshaft sprockets
TTV racing flywheel made to MB-V8 conversion spec
Complete clutch for the above
MB-V8 conversions cast engine mounts (slot engine straight in to W123)

Other parts:

560 air filter housing
Exhaust manifolds
Exhaust front pipes
fuel injection head, pipes, throttle body etc
Inlet manifold complete
V8 speedo/revcounter
Starter motor
Power steering pump
Prop shafts to suit conversion
LSD Rear Diff
W126 brake servo
Manual clutch and brake pedal set
Mercedes twin electric cooling fan
Rad expansion tanks

There are also parts…solid valve lifters, coil packs, fuel rails etc that were going to be part of the conversion but I didn’t get that far.

I’m selling this lot because I no longer have the car to put it in or the time and space to do it.

I would take sensible offers around £2k

No offence to anyone but please observe the following, thanks:

I will not split the parts for sale, you buy the lot or you don’t.

No swaps or part ex’s

Pick up in person only, no couriers whatsoever, I’m based in East Sussex.

I will need at least 24 hrs notice to get the parts out of storage.

Anyone who turns up offering a drastically reduced price based on nonsense after viewing, the items will go back in storage, and the sale will not happen.

Note: the orange trolley in the pics, is not included in the sale.

Thanks for looking


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