W124 500TE - Lets do this!

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I guess I'm a little sad because I do like cars that I perceive to be well proportioned and despite the boxy looks I do think the W124 estate has nice proportions, better than the saloon. You've done a fantastic job on this car, I agree with others in so much as I'm not a fan of the back box on the exhaust nor a fan of the AMG two tone wheels, personally I preferred the look of what were possibly R129 wheels that were on it in the body shop. I see you've fitted Vredestein tyres personally I think they're a very under rated tyre. A lovely car and a testament to your skills, thanks for sharing.
It was a bolt for the seat runner that must be slightly too long, or maybe I missed a washer, as the bolt was just touching the prop shaft universal joint, but only when going around corners! Decided to cut the bolt down a bit and all sorted.

At least you worked it out and found it Jay, could have took most of us minions hours/days/weeks. :)

It feels like it’s been a long journey, but the light can be seen now.

Top man, I've temporarily lost the tunnel which the light is supposed to be at the end of, so the light must be a bonus...
Thanks for all of the comments, makes it worthwhile.

I appreciate everyone has different preferences on wheels, exhaust etc.

The exhaust will have to be changed at some point as it is hitting the ground occasionally. There is no way to raise it without cutting the bumper.

Love the wheels though, they won’t be changed!
As per usual Jay, amazing attention to detail :) You must organise a GTG this summer.
What a great thread and car. The care, attention, skill cost and imagination is incredible Jay, congratulations. This thread has just popped up in my subscribe list, I got curious, went to the first post and, like many it seems, was hooked with the story and the entertaining, very human telling, spending much more time reading than I normally would - worth it though! I hope to see this car and meet you one day. You've built a legend :)

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the interior is very sexy

are you going to fit the 500E cluster with computer?
Jay sets the standard again at the highest level. I take my hat off to you sir another amazing creation. ;)
Kowalski - yes this is the 500E cluster. If you mean the optional one with electronic trip etc, I havent seen a full setup for sale for a long time.
The Mercedes front door speakers sounded dreadful against the rainbow speakers in the dashboard. So I found these and they fit quite well in the original aperture.


Kowalski - yes this is the 500E cluster. If you mean the optional one with electronic trip etc, I havent seen a full setup for sale for a long time.

that's the one with electro trip counter, some 500E's had it others did not.

i didn't read entire thread but this conversion car is a lefty hand drive.
where did this car come from?
Japan or Evrope?
Great Video Jay, such attention to detail as usual :)
Lovely car. Where did you get the replacement door seals from Jay? I remember there used to be a place did them but can't remember where.

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