W205 C-class passenger power seat - not lifting

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Sep 11, 2004
Morning all,

Sods law has struck me this morning. I'm due to pickup my new-to-me car tomorrow (an E63S) and am part-exchanging my C63S. Whilst clearing the car of all my stuff this morning, I noticed the passenger seat no longer lifts or lowers, all other movement (including lumbar adjustment) work absolutely fine. All I can hear is a click from the relay somewhere behind the dashboard when you press up or down on the door.

I had a similar issue with the power steering column a while ago, wouldn't move up or down, just clicking from the relay. With that I managed to release it using brute force by hanging off the steering wheel whilst continuously pressing the down lever.

I've tried the same thing with the seat, whilst having my wife continuously pressing the button in both directions, which hasn't worked. For obvious reasons, I don't want to apply too much force and break the damn thing.

So a couple of questions:

- Does anyone have a miracle fix for this that I can do myself that doesn't involve too much pain?
- Does anyone have a rough idea of cost if I end up having to cough-up for the repair?

Literally ANY advice welcomed warmly at this point!


Panic over - a little more brute force and ignorance did the trick (and a quick run to the petrol station apparently). It would seem that the seats suffer from the same lock-up issue as the steering column does on these (already experienced that little gem 18 months ago!).

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