W208 first project gremlins

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May 2, 2021
W208 clk320 cab
I recently bought a w208 clk320 cab, I knew it needed a few bits but had no MOT, it was cheap and was a carbon copy of the first decent car I bought from a showroom in 2000 when life was kinder... sadly a medical condition divorce and a year off and I was at ground zero... thankfully back on my feet, i decided to buy the best one I could find and got a genuine 116,000, last owner ten year car. The journey began....I just want to get it back to its former glory and keep it.
So no MOT, it’s roadworthy now and passed, it’s getting the pesky arches done on all quarters next week, I sourced some AMG wheels with Pirelli’s from a great guy in Devon...so the cash started disappearing, service and brake pads and boot lock repair £350, AMG alloys and tyres £350 ( very cheap based on other advertised as tyres new) new AMG grill coming, now the gremlins, the bodywork( rust arches and paint) going to be £600-700, roof has stopped working, I’ve tried to get to motor but beyond my technical ability, Mercedes refusing to give me the part number too, like what? The seats, quoted £350 to repair due to time taking covers off.....? I’ve sourced a passenger seat in black need a drivers seat really too, anyone help? Also no cartridge for the multi disk player anyone help? I’ve also been quoted £200 for the oil filter housing to be repaired as has a minor leak, is that reasonable? I want her back to former glory but not easy, anyone else has a similar journey... anyone help with parts or recommend anyone? I guess it would be cheaper if I was technical but don’t want to do a poor job, oh and a hole in the boot floor, not massive but is that an easy fix.... the good news, was the original car was £600 and despite me moaning pretty good shape
Any help or advice appreciated.....

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