W209 CLK 200 Check Coolant Level and Washer level warning.

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Jun 5, 2002
Hi everyone, I have a 2006 CLK 200 and last week the check coolant level and check washer level came on. I checked the levels and they were alright but I just added a small amount to them thinking this would fix the problem. It didn't so I fitted a new washer bottle level sensor and this also didn't fix it. Something strange is happening as I noticed the windows don't fully shut after opening and closing the doors, is this part of the problem? I've read that there is a SAM unit whatever that is that might be causing it, please can anybody help?
Many thanks
You may need a Star diagnostic session to find out what the problem is otherwise you are just guessing and throwing parts at it. The SAM controls all the other control units in the car. A diagnostic will check each control unit and the front and rear SAM and should find the fault.
It needs to go on Star. The level warnings also come on when the fan control module fails. Like you I did the topping up and sensor change before realising that other things can trigger the warning.

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