W212 E350 Build "The Boat"

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Just came across this thread and the car is a thing of beauty!

I’m currently in the same boat - looking to lower my E350cdi and spacers, can you tell me how those LO springs has held up? Any issues with the functionality or build quality?

Also what spacers did you go for?
My reason for wanting the dpf removed is purely reliability, yes i haven't had any issues and yes they can be cleaned out but my choice is to just eliminate a future issue along with deleting the adblue system, I'm not chasing numbers with this car at the end of the day the drivetrain in these just isn't worth sinking big money into and the stage 1 maps make good power and turns them into a genuinely quick car mostly thanks to the torque so for me its the perfect daily, dpfs not a hp related thing, for me anyway.
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Custom stainless system Turbo back its become a lot growlier (is that even a word!) now and sounds great whats surprising is how much the whole system actually grows when its hot look at the length after the bumper when cool and after a bit of heat gets in to it

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