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1962-2010. Gone, but not forgotten.
Jul 21, 2002
Firstly - many thanks for the emails enquiring about my possible demise :)

I'm still here - and will be back to normal shortly,

Over the last few weeks I have been turbocharging Dans CRX Vtec and getting it all spot on.

The little car is now quite close to 300hp - from 1600cc's ! - and is scaring a lot of very expensive machinery :)

We took it to 10 Of The Best last weekend - and had 13 solid 1/4mile runs against some absolutely awesome machinery. unfortunately the day was too hot to run full boost - so we were running low boost and 8 degrees of ign timing to counteract detonation :( - best time was only a 14.2 @100mph - but the launches meant that we were in front of several 500hp RS cosworths, twin turbo Supras etc :D

Still - we drove it to york, did 13 runs on the hottest day of the year, then drove it home.

We finished 11th overall from 16 FWD starters, and this from a car that everyone reckoned would finish last! - and highlights included being interviewed for Jap Performance magazine and a few minutes of footage filmed for Sky Sports.

Details of the build are here

Cya all at the GTG


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