Wheel/Tyre sizing .. HELP!

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After Shock

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Oct 18, 2009
Stratford upon Avon
E320 CDI 320 Estate. AMG wheels
Ok. The first thread showed a few pics.

Just been checking sizes!!

At the moment I have:

Front. Avon 225/40ZR 18's
Rear. Goodyear 255/35R 18's

Wheel/Tyre configuration shown at present in first pic (monobloc)

Wheel options I like are:

2 X 8.5 X 18" 5X112 ET35 ALLOY WHEELS
2 X 9.5 X 18" 5X112 ET35 ALLOY WHEELS


2 X 8 X 18" 5X112 ET32 ALLOY WHEELS
2 X 9 X 18" 5X112 ET35 ALLOY WHEELS

So: Will these tyres fit the 8.5 and 9.5 of the second pic?? Sounds a silly question. Was hoping 0.5 difference might not mean new tyres!!!​


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Will they fit...yes.
Are they ideal...no.
Should you put them on and use them until next tyre change...IMO yes.
Would I change from lovely gen AMG wheels to cheap replicas...no.

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