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  1. reflexboy

    R172 SLK Space Master Wheel/Tyre

    Has anyone got a collapsible spare wheel and tyre to fit an R172 SLK (2011-2015) for sale? Please PM me.Thanks
  2. M

    w123 lowering and wheel/tyre set up

    hi could anyone recommend whats the best wheel set up for the 40mm h&r lowering springs ? im thinking 17" wheels but i dont know what j i should get the wheels in and what tyre choice is best for the car, Also will i need new shocks because of changing the springs ? any help would be much...
  3. W

    C63 AMG winter wheel/tyre package

    I need a bit of advice: Bought package from Internet. 8x18 alutec poison alloys, 5/112 ET45. Uniroyal, 225/40 18 tyres. Anyone see any probs with fitting these? Have standard size calipers, running 19 inch alloys. Regards
  4. D

    Yet another 124 wheel/tyre question!

    Sorry for this! I just want to double check this: I have a set of these refurbished wheels in the pic below. They are 15" 7J ET44. I want to put the winter tyres that I have on them (195 65 15) and use them on my 124 E320 Estate. I just want to check that this is ok before going ahead...
  5. A

    Wheel/Tyre sizing .. HELP!

    Ok. The first thread showed a few pics. Just been checking sizes!! At the moment I have: Front. Avon 225/40ZR 18's Rear. Goodyear 255/35R 18's Wheel/Tyre configuration shown at present in first pic (monobloc) Wheel options I like are: 2 X 8.5 X 18" 5X112 ET35 ALLOY WHEELS 2 X 9.5 X...
  6. Telxxl

    E Class Coupe wheel/tyre advice please

    Guys I have a W207 E350 Coupe Sport. I want to change the wheels to either 19" or even 20". I would greatly appreciate any feedback on wheel offsets and tyre sizes. I also want to know if anyone has tried 20" wheels and if the ride is unacceptably harsh? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. G

    Mercedes winter wheel/tyre offer

    Anyone asked for a quote about the above ? Allegedly, according to a report on AutoTrader website, Merc were 'promoting the use of winter tyres' - presumably in response to the bad reports about RWD and Merc in particular performance in the recent snow. Also, allegedly, wheel/tyre...
  8. N

    Need some help with wheel/tyre sizes no an ebay purchase?

    Help! I am very interested in buying some brabus copies on ebay here 18" MERCEDES BRABUS MONO ALLOYS/TYRES FIT:C/E/CLK/SLK on eBay (end time 14-Sep-09 20:29:13 BST) I asked whether these would fit as they don't match the details shown on the wheel/tyre fitment link posted on these very...
  9. A

    Difda wheel/tyre set needed

    Hi, I'm looking for a genuine set of 'Difda' 18inch 5 spoke alloy wheels, preferably with tyres, to fit my S320 CDI (W220). Would need the wheels to be in good condition if used, OR if some one could give me the website or number of a company who supplys these genuine wheels at a reasonable...
  10. K

    CLK W208 Wheel/Tyre size.

    Hello all. I'm new to the club and have recently purchased a 1999 CLK 320 Elegance. I am very pleased with it and also with Mercedes Benz who sorted out some rust problems for me without question and took only 2 weeks from taking the pics to completing the job. My concern is that the tyres...
  11. High-Lo

    Wheel/Tyre Question

    I have recently picked up KLP's old 16" Lorinsers (which I'm very pleased with) and have a quick question about tyre sizes. The wheels are 8Jx16 ET30. One pair of tyres have 225/55 fitted and the other pair have 225/50. Anyone know if there is a reason for this? If not I will buy another two to...
  12. Jukie

    Wheel/Tyre options

    I've the standard fit 16" 5-hole alloys on my 2000 E320 CDi Avantgarde with 215/55/R16 tyres. Is there somewhere I can look up what tyre and wheel combinations I can safely use on my car? Can I put any genuine MB 16" wheels on my car? TIA, David
  13. A

    New wheel/tyre problems

    Hi, I have recently changed my wheels/tyres on my V220: OLD 16”x6.5 WHEELS 215 /60/16 (ALL AROUND) ET55 NEW 18”x8 WHEELS 245/40/18 (F) 245/45/18 (R) ET 44 However when I turn the car on a round about or general left/right turn when going about 5-10miles per hour I get a tyre...
  14. grasmere

    wide wheel/tyre steering 'slide' query

    Hi guys, I'd like to pick your brains please: I have AMG replica alloys all round fitted with 225/45/17 tyres. Front are Toyo proxes, ready to replace after approx 15k, and 2 almost new Contisport Contacts on the rear. Problem is at the front: I have always sensed that the front wheels are...
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