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    Ady`s W124 for sale

    It’s been a while and looks like I need to clear some things up. Please do not confuse this car with my old CE this runs 100%. The first I knew of my ad being removed was this thread! So I contacted Pistonheads and they came back with this reply. Obviously someone has far too much time on...
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    Happy Birthday Pammy.

    Happy Birthday Pammy, hope you've had a great day :rock:
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    W124 Parts, Wings, Full Leather etc.

    Hi Guys I thought I would offer the stuff here before it goes on eBay I have a lot of parts including. I know a couple of members were interested before but it’s taken so long to sort out I can’t remember who sorry :o A pair of genuine Mercedes front wings with no rust. Pair of...
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    How Much!!!

    I sold a Nardi Torino Wheel and gear knob with my SEC and that was the Gold plated version, you can still buy the period wheels for around £350 Maybe he slipped and added an extra "0" :rolleyes:
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    GTG 29th March at Brooklands .

    I should be able to make this one, haven't been to Brooklands yet :) I will confirm soon! 1. C43 (Peter) 2. Ian_C + Becs 3. Will :-) 4. Howard :-) 5. Seamster15 + Bella 6. Stumpy 7. Ady1983 + Tracy (possible)
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    Cheap estate wanted!

    Bump! Budget is £700.00 now and Cash waiting :)
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    124 Anti Roll Bar Questions

    Looks pretty similar to a coupe too me, I have a pair of Sportline roll bars that will be available soon ;) if you're interested? Let me know :)
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    MK1 Golf GTI

    Just in case anyone here is interested :)
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    Cheap estate wanted!

    Hi probably over budget to be honest, any ideas what she's worth as you know the car, where in the country are you? Also any MOT??
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    Cheap estate wanted!

    Hi guys, I'm after a cheap estate for my Auntie, she has a Volvo 240 at the moment but the head gasket went yesterday :( I could fix it but it has a few other faults that need sorting as well so not really worth it, she has two Northern Inuit’s so needs an estate. But like everyone money is...
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    Which pressure washer??

    I use a Sealey PC2700, plenty of power and comes with a few attachments, very good value.:)
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    Guess the mods...

    Looks good jay, you could always tint the wood to make it a bit darker or go for gloss black :)
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    Footballer pulled over for window tints ...

    Yep for 14 days I think, all he needs is someone with a valid license, insurance and he would have to pay a fine.
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    MK1 Golf GTI Campaign!!!

    Finally my MK1 Golf GTI I have actually had her for 2 years now, sadly I’m not going to get to enjoy it much, as she is up for sale :(
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    Snow Driving Tips

    I helped push a Volvo up the hill this morning :D He offered to give me a push after, but I said there really isn't any point, I'll try again in the morning but not holding much luck.
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