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    Apple don't recognise Giff-Gaff as a proper provider so there is no visual voicemail available on iPhones with Giff-Gaff I was about to make the switch from 02 to GG but am now on a "retention" contract with 02 Nick Froome
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    W164 AMG engine "ticking time bomb" (!!??)

    Buyers rarely say what they actually mean. If he's pulled out the night before collection it means he has cold feet. And you should have taken a deposit Nick Froome
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    Need Advice on Dehumidifiers

    Sounds like a dehumidifier is exactly what you need... 1 - don't pay a lot 2 - avoid useless features 3 - if you can provide a drain for it, get one with a continuous drainage function I've been running these things for 15+ years and the longest any of them has lasted is about 5 years...
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    Business name suggestions

    IMHO you'd be better off spending the time on the business rather than deliberating over a name for it Nick Froome
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    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    The beauty of the 2.6->3.0 swop is that it's simple Nick Froome
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    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    It'd be interesting to know if the difference is in the bore or the stroke. Or, knowing how Mercedes like to complicate things, maybe both? If they differ in stroke then the 3.0 won't be as happy to rev as the old engine. If the difference is in bore then I'd jump on it Single cam engine so a...
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    W124 estate rear hubs

    The industrial estate next to Olive Road in Portslade has a bearing supplier Most times I've seen bearings pressed in a large socket has been used as a drift to push the outer race of the bearing. If you have a socket just smaller than the bearing it works well. You probably don't but the bar...
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    Photobucket Now Charging $399 Per Year for 3rd Party Hosting

    This was always going to happen at some point. Use your .Mac account, Google account, web hosting with your domain name, etc, etc Most people need trivial amounts of space for images. My Bolide site uses 5 Gb but that's the exception rather than the rule. Most people will need a few hundred...
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    W124 estate rear hubs

    FYI, EPC & WIS doesn't work properly on a Macintosh Nick Froome
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    One for the W124 gurus.

    AFAIK there are no complete or useful diagrams easily available to the public. An MB dealer might have the info on EPC & WIS. You can get access to EPC & WIS online if you have a PC Nick Froome
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    Selling on ebay

    If you're selling on eBay UK you have to accept Paypal. Buyers get the benefit of protection with items they buy using Paypal. They don't when they pay by cash or bank transfer, so savvy buyers prefer Paypal Nick Froome
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    W124 Cabrio ride after lowering

    Like the Chinese calendar, each year is different. When the Chinese have the Year of the Dog, for the W124 it might be the Year of the Subframe Bush It seems 2017 is the Year of the Overpriced Japanese Import That Is Costing the Owner Thousands To Fix Nick Froome
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    W124 Cabrio ride after lowering

    The other thing to do, if you haven't already, is to replace all the worn rubber parts in the suspension. That means * antiroll bar (ARB) bushes * ARB droplinks * front shock top mounts * leading rear subframe bushes * etc Nick Froome
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    Lacquer peeling on four year old Jupiter red A class

    Peeling lacquer is not a problem I'd normally associate with factory paint, suggesting that the bumpers may have been repainted at some point If MB are not willing to repaint them as goodwill I'd have them painted by a good local bodyshop. It will be a lot less hassle Nick Froome
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    W124 Aircon leak

    Condensor and evaporator are the usual suspects. You can source either for around £90 online. Fitting for the former is about 1.5 hours, for the latter about 1.5 days Nick Froome
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