1. P

    111 Engine in 2001 C180 2 ltr coupe, does it have an egr valve

    Hi does a 2001 2 ltr C180 Coupe, engine type 111 have an egr valve and if so how can i find it. Engine runs very eratic on start up but runs very smoothly once warmed up. Many thanks
  2. D

    Mercedes Vito 111 not starting! [VIDEO]

    Hi guys, Recently bought a Mercedes Vito 111 53 plate, and I must say as a Merc newbie it's been amazing. There's only one problem. The thing doesn't start with either key (spare and main). I've checked the battery and it's fully charged, drove 6 hours on a trip and turned it off and tried to...
  3. S

    Rattlong 111 cdi vito

    Hello people I bought a 56 plate 111 cdi vito minibus 9 seater. absolute joy to drive HOWEVER when driving along old roads that are not too bad the van rattles like a jar with coins in it. It sounds as though I am driving over a cobble road whereas it is a normal road with some nooks and...
  4. T

    W639 Vito 111 CDi 2nd gear synchro

    Hi everyone I'm relatively new to the forum but have been lurking for months! I've read plenty about the famed 1st gear issue with the w639 but can't find out much about the issue I'm having - namely 2nd gear being hard to select and crunching on the way up from 1st. It doesn't seem so bad...
  5. A

    2005 Vito 111 CDI rough running when hot

    Hi. My 2005 Vito 111 CDI starts and runs perfectly from cold. However, once warmed up, under acceleration, the van seems to hiccup. start misfiring. Given full throttle, The van surges forward, and it will idle ok, albeit with the occasional misfire. There is no management light on. It has had...
  6. I

    Nicest 111 coupe I've ever seen

    Mercedes Benz 200 Series Coupe | eBay Absolutely glorious, just look at the side-on image, breath-taking beauty. Only an hour left, but it will be worth looking at the original listing. Or go straight to the Picasa link...
  7. J

    Remove Vito 111 passenger seat to fit swivel plate

    Hello, I'm trying to Remove the single passenger seat from my 56 plate vito 111 to fit a swivel plate but I can't see an easy way to do this nor find any clear instructions online. Does anyone know how to do this?
  8. B

    Vito 111 engine mods

    Hi ive got a 2005 Vito 111 can anyone give me heads up on engine mods? im thinking of fitting a bigger turbo and a remap does anyone have any other ideas?
  9. D

    Unknown Fault Light ( 2008 VITO CDI 111 )

    Dear All, Can't get the photo online yet however driving into work and a Yellow fault light appeared on the left hand side of the dash display. i will try to draw it \ / |::::| / \ Sorry for the poor drawing , Does anyone have a copy of what all the dash fault lights are ? Or does...
  10. D

    Vito 111 CDI .New Member , First time van driver , first time Mercedes owner

    Hi All, This is day 1 of being a Van Owner and Merc owner. Just got a 2008 , Vito CDI 111. Dualliner . Few questions , can i move the spare wheel ? Can i change the front seats into a captains chair ? Where can i fold some fold down flat seats for the year ? Lots of questions that i am...
  11. S

    vito 111 cdi 2004 not turning over.

    Hi peeps im new to forums and im looking for some help please. I went to work this morning down my first job then got back in and van wouldnt turn over? great i thought whilst my van was blocking there car in, so i thought that if i have dash lights and everyhting i just bridge the starter with...
  12. C

    Vito 111 09 manual

    Hi I have just brought a 09 111 Vito does anyone know where I can get a workshop manual from. Or can anyone can give me the basics engine oil type quantities etc the owners manual is pretty useless. Thanks Paul
  13. N

    Vito 111 CDI Accelerator electrics

    Hi, looking for a part number or exploded diagram for the wiring which connects to the accelerator pedal. I stupidly left my dog in the front of my van and now the wires are no-more!!,GUTTED. :( Any help appreciated, cheers
  14. highland lad

    111 vito ecu

    Does any one know if the ecu has a fan in it, as i used to be able to here it runnning when i stopped. cannnot hear it any more and now esp light comes on after about fifty miles and doors do not auto lock when driving any more. can these things be connected and what is the solution. simon
  15. S

    Is 230SL reg GEL 111 D known

    I am trying to trace a 230 SL in white was green reg GEL 111 D last known in the Croydon/Purley Surrey area. I have old photos of car and some very early history of the car and what it was used for when owned by another motor company in the 60s. please PM or call me Dave Jell 07860 424890 with...

    111 series rhd uk 280 se cabriolet

    Aplogies if this has already been posted, but what a beauty! Hurlingham Motor Company Ltd : RARE 111 SERIES RHD UK 280 SE CABRIOLET STUNNING THROUGHOUT
  17. alanuk400

    MERCEDES S-Class 320LWB CDi BRABUS D6 (111) Dec 2006

    107000 miles with Full Service History, Silver with Soft Black Leather Interior., Moted and Taxed, Navigation, DVD Multichanger System, Computer, Computerised Lumber system, Electric Memory Seats, , Air conditioning, Climate, Cruise Control, Parking Aids Front and Rear, Walnut Interior Facia...
  18. S

    Vito 111 long 59 plate

    Hi all, Does anyone know the official geometry settings for the above vehicle. 1 - Toe-in / Toe-out setting 2 - Camber setting Cheers Slap_ed
  19. S

    Vito 111 CDI Uneven tyre wear

    Hi, my first post here. I have a Vito 111 CDI that was purchased new about 2 years ago. At about 10000 miles I need to replace the front tyres due to uneven tyre wear. I took it to a dealer and had the alignment/geometry checked. This was done with the van loaded as I normally drive it. They...
  20. M

    How can i improve the fuel economy of my 57 Vito 111?

    I have had my Vito for about 3 months now and have noticed really poor fuel econony, worst than i expected. Is their anything i can do to improve it? Do these magnectic fuel savers work? Vito 639 - 57 2.2 111 Thanks Matt
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