1. H

    Mercedes 126 boot mat

    Please help. Was a genuine boot mat (rubber or cloth) manufactured for the 126 series? If so what is the part number? Thanks, Hilton Wolff.
  2. H

    126 560sel wheel spacers

    MERCEDES 1991 126 560SEL.Please help. Did the above cars come out with wheel spacers or was it an option? Some people say that the spacers are not supposed to be fitted to these cars. Should these cars have wheel spacers or not? Thank you, Hilton Wolff. South Africa.
  3. smoothrider

    126 hot start niggle

    Having been away with work for three weeks, my better half promised but 'forgot' to give my 126 a weekly run. No harm done I thought as she purred into life at the first turn of the key and I wafted along a dual carriageway at a regal 50 mph to pick up a few treats from Halfords. Once back in...
  4. smoothrider

    way too cheap 126

    Considering the silly money being asked for average examples, this minter will make someone happy. 300 SE Auto 1989 71k miles, One Owner from New For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C777256]
  5. M

    W 126 won't start

    Hi I've got a 1983 w126 500se i found it in a garage and has been unused for the last 9 years, I have replaced the fuel tank,fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel lines,spark plugs and leads,Dist cap so went to start it and no luck only to find out the fuel relay is faulty so I connected terminals 7 and 8...
  6. I

    Over-egged 126

    Mercedes W126 380 SEL 1982 3.8 V8 | eBay
  7. gbjeppm

    Mercedes 126 SEC Seat, Seat Motors and Armrest

    Mercedes 126 SEC Seat, Motors and Armrest for sale on Ebay, not looking for big money, just need the room Mercedes SEC 126 Passenger Seat Electric in Grey (Including Seat Motors) | eBay Mercedes w126 SEC Centre Arm Rest, 420, 500, 560 SEC Armrest | eBay PM me, if you are interested.
  8. W124ali

    S-Class & SEC 126 flat face alloy wheels and tyres

    eBay item number: 321821850753 Not cheap but they do have near new tyres and the alloys look clean too
  9. roman82

    How to find year production my 126 sec

    If some one can help it find out year production ????? WDB12604312005224
  10. d w124

    126 Cabrio

    Shame no pictures with the roof up 1984 MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO SPORTS CONVERTIBLE SILVER | eBay
  11. flat6buster

    126, 140, 220 or 124?

    So having 4 cars between 2 of us is a bit excessive. Fortunately the 212 is a lease car so that goes back to Merc next year. That will leave me with a G Wagen and an SL. I was going to flog the G but with this being an el nino year I am not going to because sod's law suggests the minute I...
  12. I

    126 or 111/2 coupe wanted

    Hi, Any of the above wanted, but in good order, please. I want little or no work. High miles less of a problem than high journeys. Lots to swap or outright cash deal. Cheers Paul
  13. smoothrider

    Simply Stunning 126

    Its been a while since I took my girl out, and she got dressed up all special for the occasion. Here she is...I love her.
  14. smoothrider

    Craziest 126 Modification EVER.

    Created for the new Mad Max film.
  15. I

    Utter Heap, 126 TD conv - hanging.

    mercedes w126 380SE Turbodiesel conversion | eBay Ok, eye of the beholder! How have they got that turbo into a RHD? Never mind, what a mess. Who's bidding?
  16. M

    A45 AMG - 0-124MPH in 12.6 Seconds

    Hi All, Been a little while since we posted so we thought we would show everyone how the little AMG is doing. Stage 1 Tune, 4 Inch Intake and 4 inch Downpipe gave us (VBOX): 0-62 MPH in 3.6s 62-100 MPH in 4.7s 100-124 MPH in 4.3S Makes it an impressive 12.6s 0-124 MPH (list below of other...
  17. M

    126 SEC with M120 V12

    To me this is a cool conversion: Used 1987 Mercedes-Benz SEC Series SEC for sale in Essex | Pistonheads V12 power in an older 126 is very appealing. Hopefully a properly executed conversion. Shame the seller doesn't list what the remaining required work. Add a proper AMG steering wheel, AMG...
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz SEC 126 body shell

    Apologies if already posted! Mercedes Benz SEC Bodyshell and running spares car, A one off opportunity | eBay
  19. roman82

    Looking to buy sec 126 lorinser

    Hi. Ido looking to buy mercedes w126 sec front bumper lorinser facelift and side skirts or lip for front bumper.many thx;)
  20. smoothrider

    benzGasm Stunning!

    one man's minter is another man's project. I'm having a BenzGasm.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oRQOy7IRYlM
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