1. M

    C220 CDI estate 2001

    Electric component under passenger foot well, Does any one know what this component is or does?
  2. flowrider

    Matt's (Smoking Tire) Ultimate LA Daily Driver: 2001 Mercedes SL500

  3. N

    Any other doors fit 2001 E320

    Hi, I've been passed down a 2001 E320 Avantgarde, mechanically the car is 100% and with 175k on the clock and a recent turbo replacement it drives better than ever, Interior is cream leather and in perfect condition with all electrics working..... But the usual rust problems makes this...
  4. M

    C220 CDI estate 2001

    What is the electrical component located under the passenger side foot well, cylindrical in shape, in a metal mounting, under the belly pan ? I can't find any mention of it in the Haynes manual, does any one on the forum know what it is ???
  5. C

    2001 Sprinter - Intermittent Non-Starter & Dies whilst driving

    My first time here, so hello! ... and thanks (especially as its a long post!) in advance to anyone that can help. I have a 2001 Sprinter 311cdi, which I have converted to a camper. For over 2 years there has been an intermittent fault which started as follows: Whilst in a queu one wet...
  6. L

    Mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel W210 loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  7. P

    111 Engine in 2001 C180 2 ltr coupe, does it have an egr valve

    Hi does a 2001 2 ltr C180 Coupe, engine type 111 have an egr valve and if so how can i find it. Engine runs very eratic on start up but runs very smoothly once warmed up. Many thanks
  8. W

    Loss of power and engine issues c200 2001 T model w203.

    Hi guys, I am about pulling my hair out with parts replacement after replacement but still no result. The car is as stated a C Class C200 Kompressor w203 2001 T model Estate UK Import, The car has been running fine and would give me a top seed of at least 130mph with a rapid and smooth...
  9. B

    W203 2001 display is not showing total Km ?

    Hi I have bought a 2001 W203 180 coupe, as a none runner I replaced the front SAM, the ignition switch, steering lock, and ECU. The car starts and runs great now, but I have no display of the total Km covered, the trip meter shows the trip Km, but I just have 6 lines where the total Km...
  10. M

    2001 W203 C220 Automatic- Blue - £2,250

    In March 2001, we flew to Bremen, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, to collect a new C220 automatic in dark blue. Some of these C-classes were beginning to be made in South Africa, so it was a pity they didn’t offer to fly us down there. But we had a nice break in Bremen and a tour of the factory. And...
  11. S

    New owner of old CLK 320 Convertible 2001 MY

    Hello All, I have just bought a very nice and well cared for 2001 CLK320 (w208) with just 100k on, lots of history etc but being almost 17 years old there are problems. Can you help point to the right thread as I'm sure this has been covered many times before. Also I'm quite lucky as my...
  12. BigRussJepson

    A208 Clk200 2001 wont crank. Starting intermittent.

    Hi, This has probs been partly covered but........ So, I have a 2001 clk 200 komp cabrio with 95000 miles on her. Last week I came to it at 07.00 am (10 degrees c temp) and she wouldnt crank, the previous night it had been running for at least an hour and i drive her at least 400 miles a...
  13. Ian Topping

    2001 CLK55 Value

    Guys, Please advise on the potential value of a w208 clk55 with 177k miles. I love the car, but maybe it is time to change
  14. M

    2001 163 ml 270 cdi sunroof electrics issue

    Evening all. Had my car off of the Rd for a couple of weeks over Xmas to recon the auto gearbox. I forgot to disconnect battery - this maybe just a coincidence - now all up and running the large "safari??" sunroof will not slide back?? Normally I press button on roof back once quickly and it...
  15. Vintage Racer

    Just bought a 2001 SL320 (R129)

    Been wanting a SL Mercedes for a long time and finally found the right car last week. Just wondering if there are any other members in the North Dordogne region of France?
  16. jeffwebb

    2001 W210 E55 question.

    I wonder if someone would be kind enough to diagnose this problem for me? If I put my foot down hard it doesn't take off as quickly as it should and thereafter, I get a time lag in acceleration until I switch the ignition off and on again. TIA. Regards, Jeff.
  17. M.A.94

    Brake fluid 2001 w210 e320

    So my font disks are warped and my rears are at a stage where they need replacing. Since I'm going to be doing all this I might aswel bleed out the system and put fresh fluid in. Just wondering what brake fluid people with the same car are using. My brake setup is all factory spec. Cheers
  18. froggiegit

    Code p0101 maf sensor S203 2001

    Been getting an endless problem for about 18 months with the management light coming on and indicating P0101 and maf sensor problems I've changed that several times firstly with pattern ones and finally with a genuine one. Still the light comes on. Also changed the map sensor, the cam position...
  19. mymini007

    2001 clk320

    Hi all, I have been asked by my Aunt to see if there would be any interest in their car as they have just bought a new E350 It's a 2000/2001 CLK 130000 on the clock. They have owned the car for 14 years. Unfortunately my uncle is not one for paperwork and had a clear out because the...
  20. G

    C220 CDI "On my C220 CDI (2001 year) “Coolant-visit workshop”

    On my C220 CDI (2001 year) I’ve got a message “Coolant-visit workshop” When I start engine immediately engine cooling fan is starting but the engine temperature is low and is looking like temperature sensor is working fine but the engine has no power, I can’t accelerate. I’ve check the coolant...
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