1. 350_Coupe

    C350 Coupe (203) - Fault Codes P0810/P0814

    Had the engine management light come on recently, and from a quick visit to a local garage resulted in the following info (from an autologic diagnostic tool) A quick call to PCS, and graham was helpful enough to explain it's likely the auxiliary air pump, used to inject additional air...
  2. L

    203 Rear diff seals

    Two seals for the rear axles and protective rings. In original MB packages. £20 "][/URL]
  3. L

    203 Front brake backing plates

    Two unused brake backing plates for the 203 front axle. Still in their original wrapping. MB part numbers: A2034200244 A2034200144 £25 for the pair. "][/URL]
  4. L

    203 Auto dimming mirror

    I have for sale an auto dimming mirror glass for the 203. It is in excellent condition with no bronzing or scratches. £60 posted to UK
  5. S

    C class 203 Sport Coupe - Bypass relay

    I'm fitting a towbar this weekend, all looks pretty straight forward only bit I'm not sure on is connecting up the electrics. I have a bypass relay which all looks easy to fit apart from where should the power source come from. I'm wondering should I run a cable from the battery? or is there...
  6. Dave Richardson

    203 Indicator stalk problem

    I'm experiencing an annoying problem with the end cap on the indicator arm falling off. Luckily at the moment I've not lost the inner spring. I've tried using double sided sticky tape so the next option I'm considering is using Super glue to retain the end cap. I imagine this is be a...
  7. trapperjohn

    Genuine Mercedes Mats 203 Silver Free

    These must be out of a CLK. They are brand new, they appear to be silver in colour. There are two fronts and two rears. All you have to do is collect them from PR6 postcode, or arrange forum courier service. No use to me. CHEERS
  8. Timster

    S 203 Alloys - Free if you want them!

    Hi Folks. I have 4 alloy wheels from my old S203 C Class that had winter tyres on them. I've swapped the winter tyres onto my S211 but have the rims still sitting there. Not in perfect condition but would be just perfect for your winter tyres / to use whiile getting others refurbished...
  9. M

    203 coupe and HID's.

    Hey guys and girls? I have a w203 shape coupe (55) do I need a bulb holder to put some hids in? Or should I stop being lazy and look in the light :D
  10. H

    W 203 Wheel thread?

    I have used the search function but come up short. Is there one? If not, can you post pics of your wheel setups here, just want an insight into what looks good and compatibilty. Thanks hairless
  11. D

    203 Bonnet Star

    Has anyone got a spare bonnet star for a c-class w203 please. Mine fell apart yesterday? Many Thanks david b.
  12. B

    MB C Class ( 203 ) c180 Mirror wiring problem

    :wallbash::(Hello all....newbie here, please be gentle. I am trying to assist my son who has the above vehicle, 2004. We require some help obtaining the wiring as follows. Passenger side mirror was damaged and we have managed to obtain one. However, the wiring from the mirror was damaged...
  13. T3RVO

    S 203 which Audio head(s) have Bose optical output?

    No doubt some of you guys have come across this issue many times before. Originally my 2002 C32 AMG Estate had COMAND and Bose. The COMAND head had long since been thrown away before I bought the car which came with a very poor quality combined navigation/audio head unit. It was one of those...
  14. M

    Mercedes 203 c class estate dog guard

    Hi have an orginal mercedes dog guard which fits above rear seats to roof takes 5 mins to install looking for 50.00 collected from Dartford Kent or postage on top of price at cost
  15. zenman63

    17" 203 alloys for sale

    Mercedes 203 Alloys 17" | eBay
  16. T3RVO

    C32 (203) Xenon auto-level problem

    HELP! Could someone with a UK-spec C32 AMG (W203 or S203) fitted with standard factory Xenon headlamps please compare their car with mine? Billy, my friend, where are you? My 2002 C32 Estate has recently been to the local garage for MoT test. They phoned to report a perished rubber boot on...
  17. Dave Richardson

    CL 203 Privacy shades

    I'm looking for a set of clip on sun/privacy shades for a 2002 w203 coupe also known as a CL203. If anyone has a set in the corner of the garage they no longer require please let me know david
  18. L

    C class coupe cl 203 roof bars

    Hi, I have a set of genuine merc roof bars for a cl203 for sale they have only been used a hand ful of times, looking for £100 Ono I stay in Ayrshire if anyone is interested.
  19. N

    parking sensors loom for coupe 203

    Hi new boy here but does any one out there know the price for a front parking sensors wiring loom for a 2004 c class 180 coupe please
  20. philiggy

    203 Estate tailgate trim

    I need to remove the tailgate trim to get at the washer pipe, but its fastened on with plastic grommets with plastic screws in them. Do I just prise these off from behind or do they need to come out and be replaced:confused: Phil
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