1. BTB 500

    Best option for (free) 3rd party image hosting now?

    OK since PhotoBucket has just committed suicide, what the best equivalent service for someone like me who wants to upload pictures now and again for display in forum threads?? I know a few options have been mentioned in the PB thread but I thought it might be useful to have alternatives listed here.
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Photobucket Now Charging $399 Per Year for 3rd Party Hosting

    With no warning at all.- see my Sig image. All my 14 years worth of photos will need to be re-hosted. Countless threads on forums across the net will be ruined as it has millions of users Good work Photobucket :wallbash...
  3. N

    W163 ML 3rd row 6th & 7th seats with fixings.

    In black or very dark grey leather interior, these are the removable extra seats for the boot area that were an option. In less than 2 hours fitting time they will turn your 5 seater ML into a full 7 seater. They came from a non smoking 2003 W163 ML. Everything is in very good clean condition...
  4. R

    3rd High level brake light

    Hi all, I've been trying to measure the supply to the 3rd brake light, my multimeter registers 12v only momentarily then I have to wait before it will register 12v again. Does the Voltage switch off if an open circuit is detected as I have the light disconnected? The mechanic disconnected it...
  5. gr1nch

    3rd party car detailing: Emporer's New Clothes?

    Hello folks, Is it the case when a car is professionally detailed, that sometimes the inexperienced owner believes it looks or is better, than if he had done it himself or even worse, no better than if it wasn't detailed at all?! As a very pleased new car and new Mercedes owner, I've wanted to...
  6. nickpb

    Seeking help to remove 3rd brake light (LED) on W204 estate

    3 of the LED's on the third brake light on my 2012 C220cdi Estate are dim and flickering. I'm hoping that it won't mean a completely new unit, but I'm having trouble working out how to remove it. I'm guessing that the trim round the rear screen has to be 'levered' off, but I'm hoping that...
  7. ShaunB

    NEST 3rd gen thermostat

    Guys Does anyone have a NEST setup at home? Looking for real world feedback on how good they are or otherwise. Been speaking to an installer about my current oil fired boiler setup and NEST. He's told me I can install fine, but as I can't control hot water via the current setup, then there is...
  8. Audio Addict

    Brands Hatch 3rd Feb

    I was at Brands today in my black Megane and noticed a white C63 coupe and wondered if it was anyone here. I was hoping to bump into them to say hello but it didn't happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Crazyfool

    3rd ones a big one!

    Well it might well be the forth or even the fifth time the wife has hit a kerb, but this one is definitely a biggy!
  10. M

    S212 removing 3Rd row seats

    As I'm still looking for car I come across S212. It's all ok but it is 7 seater. How difficult is to remove the folding seat and convert it so it looks like in 5 seat version? Price roughly how much could this cost me?
  11. A

    fitting a 3rd row of seats in a w447

    I have a LWB w447 duel liner and want to fit a 3rd row of seat in it. can somebody tell me is it possible to fit a long track in there for the seat? It currently has 2 cargo tracks fitted that will need removing to fit a 8ft track, when I removed the tracks today I noticed that the bolts were...
  12. L

    Violent 2nd to 3rd gear change

    Hi guys I've got a 2015 E63S for the first time the other night I had a full car, all the temps were normally but driving spirited in S+ the gear change from 2nd to 3rd was really violent and not smooth at all, it was even kicking in traction control at the gear change. All other gear changes...
  13. S30MSN

    3rd yr Service

    Afternoon All, I've got my car booked in for its 3rd yr service this Wednesday with Mercedes Benz of Colcehester (Chelmsford are closest, but I've had it in with Colchester before and they were really good). I've asked for them to do/look at a number of things whilst they have it so I've...
  14. wu56Shoozz

    LED 3rd Brake Light

    MB VITO 2006 With Tailgate Anybody taken one of theirs apart?? What makes them blow and create many faults .. I took mine off today as I kept getting the warning bulb on the dash and... my wiring was all coiled up inside the top of the door, this alone will create resistance.. but I just...
  15. C

    3rd party garage Nottingham recommend

    Hi I just would like to ask for help if anyone can recommend me an affordable garage to repair my 14 years old C-Class. I have been going to the MBNottingham for the past few years and find abit difficult to cope with their price. Today, I was quote; - Front break pipe £460 - Front...
  16. t-dawg1

    W211 3rd brake light failure,license plate lights not working and boot not opening

    So this evening got the 3rd brake light failure message accompanied by licence plate lights not working and could not open the boot via remote nor button on the front door. Checked all fuses and all looked ok and iCarsoft picked up no fault! After some research online discovered it could be...
  17. Ditch

    Becker update and 3rd party goodies

    I've just updated my becker pilot. Dead easy and superb result. Some decent improvements built in. When I was looking through their list of voices the only extra one is Darth Vader (and its not cheap!). I used to have Ozzy on my tomtom "you've gone the wrong fffffing way" For fun I'd like...
  18. chubbs111

    wanted w209 3rd brake light

    wanted third brakelight for a w209 clk boot if anyone has one please.
  19. L

    MB World GTG Sunday 3rd April

    What is the plan for next Sunday, what time are people planning to arrive? Looking forward to meeting folks who make it along to MB World next Sunday.
  20. d w124

    124 GTG 3rd April at Mercedes World

    As ^ 124 meet at Brooklands from 11am which is good as there's a meet from this club there too :thumb: Any 124 owners feel free to come along
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