1. L

    420SE M116965 belt pulleys

    Last night I had a crazy failure of belt pulleys. The viscous fan hub is getting noisy so I took it off to see if I could fix it (can't, but that's another story). Now, that's held on by the same 4 bolts that also hold the pressed-steel pulley on the water pump, as far as I can tell...
  2. WDB124066

    Bullet proof 1990 420se

    Mercedes-Benz Other 420SE BULLET PROOF 1990 | Trade Me
  3. Sorry Pete

    80's Autotest, BMW 735i, Jag XJ6 and w126 420SE

    Remember when car shows were about the cars? Acceleration tests, turning circles, Db tests, complete with non ironical Rick Astley soundtrack. This period Dutch show puts the BMW, Jag and the big merc through their paces. The brake tests, slalom and elk tests are where things get...
  4. martinswatton

    replace 420sl engine with 420se engine

    Hi, I posted before regarding the timing chain going on my 276k mile 1988 420SL. I have located a relatively low mileage engine out of a 420SE to replace - does anyone know whether there are any issues with replacing the SL unit with one from an SE? Thank you Martin
  5. jamesfuller

    My 420SE W126

    Its a 1990 H plate, I have been using it daily and is a comfy smooth car to cruise about in. I have just put on 6 months tax and still has MOT until July. This is a nice usable car, the body is straight but she has a few battle scars and rust bubbles but nothing more than you would expect...
  6. B

    Buying a W126 420SE

    Hi everyone, I'm new! I'm thinking of buying a w126 and would be grateful for any tips, what to look for, if it's a good choice for a daily driver etc? I have other cars so it won't be covering big miles. Thanks, Billy
  7. jamesfuller

    420se exhaust mods tomorrow

    I'm going to my friends workshop to use his ramp tomorrow. The rear silencer is not very good and looks about ready to fall off. I'm planning to chop this out and put in something that will bring out some more of the V8's grumble. I'm thinking I will keep the two u-bends and just lose...
  8. jamesfuller


  9. Mblinko

    W126 420SE, 1 owner, 81k, FSH

    Sadly, I'm selling this. It's a great car, someone's going to really enjoy it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160958774974?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  10. 2

    1987 w126 420se

    My 1987 420SE owned now for nearly 2 years, ex Marks and Spencer of London car, high specification, mileage now only 40,000 miles.
  11. W

    Anyone interested in a W126 420SE?

    Hi Gang, Anyone interested in a nice W126? A friend on mine has a 420SEL that I'm going to probably be selling for him :) He bought it from someone who he knew, who's father had passed away. It had prior to this had a good overhaul of the ignition system - new EZL unit, leads, cap and...
  12. R

    A delightful 1988 420se

    For anyone who is a pimp. 1988 MERCEDES 420 SE AUTO WHITE My hoes would love it. :cool:
  13. M

    1989...420se w126

    hi im matt new to the forum. heres some pics of my 420se
  14. sanj517


    Hi, Just purchased a fuel filter cover off ebay, came with no fittings, does anybody have or know where I can get the fittings? Rgds
  15. sanj517

    Exhaust System - 420SE 1987

    Hi, Can anybody recommend where I can get my full exhaust replaced on my W126 420 SE? The cost? and recommend a good aftermarket supplier? and in the west london area? Rgrds
  16. sanj517

    W126 -420se

    Hi, What should the car idle at when engine is warm? Rgds
  17. sanj517

    W126 - 420se

    Hi, does anybody know the costs of replacing the timing chain, guides and tensioner on this model and does anybody recommend a good garage for this work to be done, I live in London near Heathrow. Rgds Sanj..:wallbash:
  18. D

    420se fuel problem

    i own a 420se 1989 and i was driving and the engine just stopped dead the engine would turn over but would'nt fire, had intermittant spark at the plug which is now fixed with a distrubtor cap now i've i got fuel pressure up to the metering head, but nothing coming out to the injectors, i've...
  19. 420SE

    Broken electric antenna on my 420SE (W126)

    Hi folks. My antenna no longer comes down, it simply stays up yet makes the regular noise it used to, as it was coming down. I am guessing its time for a new one. Any idea where the best but cheapest place to buy one is? I will fit myself (or at least try to :D ) Any help appreciated :)
  20. 420SE

    Correct offset for MB 420SE ???

    Hi there :) As my username suggests, I have a 420SE. The car in itself is in great condition in and out, yet the alloys are really quite bruised :( I would like to change them. I have the alloys with the 8 holes. These are my questions: 1. What size are the standard alloys on a...
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