1. M

    GLE 500e Hybrid. Tuning

    Hi guys My wife's 16plate GLE 500e hybrid needs a tweek. The exhaust is rather understated. She's come from a V8 supercharged Jag estate and now it's a bit tame. I've located one by a German firm but it's 4k and has actuators etc. Just want a replacement exhaust with more flow...
  2. DaleB

    500E Air filter cover support post

    Hi all, Anyone know the part number for the support post at the rear of the engine (M119) that the filter housing clips to. There's two of the with a central rubber section bonded to threaded posts that screw into the valve covers Cheers Dale
  3. eddie007

    500e panel

    HI, does anybody know where I can buy new/used drivers rear qtr panel its the small part fits under wheel arch base towards rear door. also trying to source the correct part number. thanks
  4. M

    18" amg bbs r129 sl / w124 500e split rims

    Stunning set of amg 2-piece splits I've decided to let go as I'm going to keep my e31 for the foreseeable. Not used and boxed since refurb. 8.5j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1502 bbs rt105 (fronts) 10j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1702 bbs rt106 (rears) Have plenty more pictures if you wish to see more...
  5. eddie007

    500e best oil to use

    Hi, i have just recently purchased a 1992 500e from the u.s with very high mileage 320k with full merc history. Just wondering what would be the best engine oil to use with this mileage.also any other recommendations appreciated. Thankyou
  6. eddie007

    500E front seats

    Can the front seats on a 500e be swopped round? as the drivers usual bolster wear or does anybody know of a good place for repair northwest area. thanks
  7. eddie007


    I have just purchased a 500E from U.S arriving in 6 weeks 324000km with fsh. any tips on what to check for when it lands. thanks
  8. DaleB

    W125 500E coolant temp sensor

    Gents, My temp gauge is showing a consistently low temperature (40-50C). So I plan on replacing both the thermostat and temp sensor. Could someone please confirm where the sensor is located. I've done a few searches on-line but never seem to find one for my engine. Cheers Dale Oops obviously...
  9. WDB124066

    W124 500E for sale.

    I have a W124 500E for sale if anybody is interested. Has no rust, is in very good order, drives superbly, has 192K Kms is a 92 model first registered in Japan in 1995, and has been fitted with a facelift front end at time of first registration. There is no accident damage to the car. Comes...
  10. ngenius1

    92 W124 500E LH Module

    The above part required, as my car is showing all the symptoms of failure. Any help in locating one appreciated. Thanks.
  11. ngenius1

    W124 500e

    Hi all. Can anyone recommend a good specialist for the above vehicle. Ideally in central London but not essential. Thanks.
  12. DaleB

    500e boot

    Does anyone have a photo (or can take one) of the boot layout for a pre-face lift 500E. All my items are loose and I would like to get all clips etc to enable me to fit and arrange the boot as it should be. Also if possible the tool roll ... I don't think mine is the original type Thanks in...
  13. DaleB

    W124 500E rear demister

    I recently bought a 1993 W124 500E. For the first time I've needed to used the rear window demister and found it not working (or possibly extremely weak at clearing). Is this a common faulty and a straight forward window swap or could it be a cheaper fix? Cheers Dale
  14. M

    92' W124 500E - Detailed

    Hi all, Been reading these forums for a while and finally plucked up the courage to do some detailing on my 500E. My car is 040 jet black and being an old car it has picked up quite a few swirl marks / scratches on the body. Initially, I was going to pay someone to detail the car...
  15. DaleB

    1993 500e build sheet

    Hello all, I've just bought a 500e which has a great history folder with all you could ask for except the original build sheet. Does anyone know if they would be still available from anywhere or if a MB dealer would have access to historic documents such as this? Cheers Dale
  16. 5

    Mercedes W124 500E - Porsche Built - Black/Black

    Any interest in the old beasty? I am going to store it away for a while (relocating) but if anyone is on the lookout for one I might consider parting with mine. Japan spec pre-facelift 500E, black/black, lots of new parts in the last 6 months and ZERO rust. Beautiful car! Serious buyers only...
  17. M

    Nice rims for an r129 sl or w124 500e

  18. I

    Handsome 500E on Ebay.de

    Mercedes Benz 500E W124 *Original 74,000km - Scheckheftgepflegt* | eBay
  19. J

    GLE 500e

    Hi. I understand in Europe the GLE plug-in hybrid is the GLE 500e. I tried searching this forum but I don't see any posts on this vehicle. Does anyone own this vehicle and can give me some information on it? Thanks!
  20. Palfrem

    Low miles 500E £19K

    Mercedes 500E built by Porsche 1993 W124 E500 AMG styling - IMMACULATE | eBay Looks very good indeed.
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