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    Does this engine fit in my 508D ?

    I need to buy a new engine for my MB L 50 8 DG/29 - 1973. I have found a MB 508 D - 1977 with a good engine. I am not sure though how to check if it is the same version of the OM314 - the right version/same mounts. Unfortunately, the engine identification plate on my car is gone. Only...
  2. W

    508d rear bearing nut socket

    Hi from a new member, I am trying to locate the toothed socket that slots into the stub axel spindle and goes onto the toothed bearing nut on the rear axel Duel wheels, are there old time commercial Mercedes van or bus mechanics out there with one tucked away somewhere? I know it can be done...
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    Mercedes 508D om314 engine 1985 air filter

    Hi I am in need of a new air filter for my 1985 508d truck. Its got an oil bath type filter (pat no 0120942202) but the bottom is smashed off. It is in a vulnerable place just infront of the RH front wheel behind the headlight. So its seems that there are no spares for this. However would...

    1990 508d do-ka prices

    I'm looking for some info on what the cost of MB508D T2 (Panel Van) might have cost when it was new in 1990. Stupid question I know, but the French Insurance Company can not do a quote without it. I've tried all sorts in Google to no avail - hopefully someone in here might have or know of the...
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    1982 Mercedes 508D

    Does anyone know where on earth I should be looking for a replacement front wing (passenger side) for the above?!?
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