1. Reggie-rock

    You can buy a good car for under £600, but not a Merc

    It's about time I owned up as I have been looking for a second car for some time now for doing things my CLK Convertible is not very good at like the convenience of a hatchback, parking it anywhere without worries of any expensive damage on my return, +50mpg and front wheel drive for any snow we...
  2. benz13

    £600 c220 sport 2.2 pet auto leather

    BARGAIN !!! C220 sport 2.2 pet (auto) ,full black leather (mint cond) ,genuine 110,000 miles ,FULL hisorty ,amg wheels ,front wings been done (so no rust on them ) ,loads of history ,MOT till sept . Bad bits . Front pipe is rattling Abs light on May need front tyres soon . Odd age related...
  3. Ant-toe-knee

    Valeting kit at eurocarparts £6.00

    TRIPLE QX Deluxe Summer Valeting Kit Got to be worth a punt
  4. M

    Me old bangar is now worth £600

    Hi Me old bangar is now worth £600 and is immaculate except where they fitted an arial years ago and didn't paint the bodywork -thats another story. The local garages haven't a clue about MB. They have put in incorrect oil etc etc (I supoose thats why they are cheap £120 + vat for service)...
  5. M

    1TB/4GB multimedia PC with 21" screen for £600. Where's the catch?

    Does anyone here have any experience with Medion PCs or a shop called Aldi? Is Medion their own brand? Reason for asking is that I saw an advert this week for a 21" touch-screen PC with Intel T4500 processor, 4GB SDRAM, 1TB HD and bulit-in TV/DVD/webcam, etc... for £600. With a 3-year...
  6. w124amg

    w124 320 e 24v lpg prices from £600 - £1200

    Iam wanting to gas my merc i wanted to on my last one but never got it done iam determind to do it to this one , i want a toridinal tank ( prob the wrong spelling ) and in the rather large fuel filler flap is a blank for i presume gas filler . Problem is i want the old style system . I know its...
  7. B

    w124 320 ce £600!! Please Help

    Having sold the the car to a non paying ebay buyer and having much time wasted the tax has expired as has the mot. So i really need to get the car off the road hence £600 to anyone who can collect it this week! Since i've had the car i have done; BRAND NEW GENUINE Engine wiring loom all...
  8. The Boss

    I have just saved over £600 on insurance on my E350

    Gentlemen, Ladies, hope you are well. I have been spending last 2 days hunting around for insurance quotes after my Renewal came in a bit steep. Tesco started off at £1026, then dropped it to £952. Told them to get lost.. Any how, Swinton came in at £850 Again told um to get lost.. Peter...
  9. D

    Robbed of £600 worths of petrol

    Can you guys please enlighten me with your experience. I have been alerted by Barclaycard two weeks ago, someone had fraudulently cloned my card and used it to buy petrol around Blackburn, Lancashire and Haslingden while I live in East Anglia. I never even heard of Haslingden, now I know where...
  10. S

    Runaround Red Rover Cab £600

    Cheap Ebay 330202907941
  11. smillion

    G Wagen for £600 ? Be quick...

  12. Gollom

    Stolen phones cost FCO £600,000

    One bill included calls to a South Pacific number totalling £289,991. Shakes head in disbelief..... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5201748.stm Maybe the government could have put that money into a hospital somewhere? Sorry, just daydreaming.....
  13. A

    LCD TV's - What is good for around £600?

    Hi all, I'm looking for an LCD TV for the bedroom - will be watching freeview mainly and for Xbox (so missus can watch Corrie in peace on our 42" plasma :rolleyes: ) Any recommendations? As usual read lots of conflicting reviews on different makes - wondered if anyone on here has bought...
  14. D

    kahn 20" rims!!! £600

    taken off a CL500, dont know what else they would fit. full info here.... <click me>
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