1. L

    Adobe problems

    I am unable to open PDF attachments to emails from Yahoo and msn. I think I did something to Adobe files. How can I uninstall Adobe and start again? If I use Google Chrome and Moxilla/Firefox, do I have to install Adobe for these seperately? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. D

    Can anyone alter my car with adobe photoshop?

    I'm thinking of lowering my w204 and powder coating the alloys wheels and was wondering if i stuck a picture up, could any of you guys edit it for me by dropping it around 30mm and changing the colour of the wheels so i can see what it'll look like? Thanks
  3. grober

    Adobe Flash /Firefox warning

    Noticed this warning on the Firefox help page when looking for something else for another forum member. Security notice: Due to a critical and widely exploited vulnerability in Flash, please install the newest version of Adobe Flash (version also called 10.0 r32) from Adobe's...
  4. whitenemesis

    Can't Print from IE7 & Adobe shuts down after 10sec

    Everything worked fine until just recently, now whenever I want to print from Internet Explorer 7 I get the same error message; The path is correct (or at least it exists) but no files in that folder. My actual USERS folder is on a different drive but then it always has been... How do I...
  5. Spinal

    Offsetting time in Adobe Bridge

    I'm sure one of the more proficient photographers here can give me a hand here! I grabbed some pictures off a friends camera from my trip to France, but when I added them to my pictures, I noticed that he had his date/time set somewhere in 2006, thus messing up my picture viewers "sort...
  6. marcos

    Adobe PDF

    I have loads of PDF files that I need to alter but I have no idea how, is there a program I have to get in order to do this or am I just bieng particularly stupid :confused:
  7. MikeL

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 anyone?

    You might want to read this article from "The Register" first! Ridiculous..... Mike
  8. grober

    Adobe acrobat 7 reader.

    Just tried out Adobe acrobat 7 with Firefox. Wont load hypertex linked pdfs from web pages!:confused: :confused: Its much faster than Adobe 6 but has some annoying features like an exe file that runs from startup and another one which continues to run in memory unless you actively kill it after...
  9. Flyer

    Macromedia merge with Adobe

    Register link Hmm, not sure about this one. They do have competing products, but new features in one usually leads to new features in the other. Fireworks <> Photoshop: Use them both extensively Freehand <> Illustrator: Prefer Illustrator Flash <> LiveMotion: Flash, obviously...
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