1. timskemp

    Spotted a few days ago

    Apologies for the crappy mobile phone pic - but I thought this unusual
  2. Godot

    100 years ago today

    The siege of Sidney Street Y_ywvwV1J3o
  3. adilhk84

    Help! Hit a kerb and only bought my car 2 weeks ago

    Hi there, I recently bought a CLS 320 (2 weeks ago) and being my first Mercedes I am very sad to report the following - please help! I hit a kerb yesterday when parking (as the road is narrow and I needed to mount the kerb), I think I was doing 5-10mph max, as I was slow, and then mounted the...
  4. G

    Hi - got my first MB a few weeks ago

    Really enjoying the forum and browsing through different threads. Seems a really good bunch of people here :) Sadly, this isn't my first post as I've got off to a really dumb start: . . . but...
  5. smillion

    Ipod touch lost in the snow 11 days ago ...

    My son lost his christmas present, an ipod touch, in the snow 11 days ago. We looked and looked but it was hopeless as the snow just got worse. We had the thaw on Saturday and so in the morning we re-traced our steps and found it in a puddle in a laybe in our local lane. After 1 day sitting...
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Council tax refund from 11 years ago!

    Yesterday I came home to find an envelope stuffed with Council Tax bills from 1998 to 2002 on the door mat, relating to a property I purchase in 1998 as a new build and sold in 2002. Upon closer inspection I noticed that there were credit balances on each bill, and an invitation in the...
  7. Donza

    My car was written off a month ago. Looking to buy another W211 (2004 Auto Seq)

    Hi, as some of you may may know my car was written off in a horrible crash a month ago. The reason i am alive today is due to my W211. The car saved me from certain death. For this reason alone i am buying another W211. This time its going to be a Tealite Blue with an Auto SEQ BOX. My...
  8. Ratz

    40 Years ago today Even though this was before I was born - it was too long before. It was a more innocent(if much more dangerous!) era that I wish I'd been around to see.
  9. blackbeast

    our little dog died half an hour ago :(

    13 and a half and shes now come to her end, :( she was a loverly dog and caused no stress or problems in the 13 n half years. She was hemeridging and had to put down by the vets half hour ago, She will be greatly missed! :( Joby.
  10. Tony M

    Defected to Porsche 2 years ago. Still Happy

    In October 2005 I became totally discontented with MB for a number of reasons which I will not bore you with now. I defected together with my immediate family and I sold our MB vehicles and bought Porsche. In the 2 years since defecting I can report that all five of us have been totally...
  11. Shude

    Two years ago today!

    For those that already think valentine's day is evil, here is some more proof. Has it really been two years? Evil! :(
  12. stwat

    I wish id done this a long time ago

    Ever since i bought my 190 just over 6 months ago the gearbox(auto)has never been right. It wouldnt kick down with the switch and seemed to be perminantly in economy mode no matter where the switch was. So today i thought id drop by a gearbox specialist(one we used to use when i was in the...
  13. Satch

    On this day 20 years ago...

    Clive Sinclair launched the C5 on a public and motor industry all twerped up to expect something that would change the face of personal transportation Sadly the world was not expecting something which involved pedals, sported an electric motor designed to run a washing machine, looked like...
  14. nickg

    White Van Man(iac) on M1 a couple of weeks ago

    I was driving north along the M1 approaching J5 (Watford) on a sunday morning, on my own in my SL, minding my own business doing about 85. I was in the outside lane, and a white van was in the inside lane. There was a lorry ahead of him and another car in the middle lane. So as I'm about to go...
  15. KLP 92

    Was this spark plug replaced 500 miles ago?

    Does this plug look like it was replaced 500 miles ago? Well it went in for a service and the plugs were apparently changed as there's a service receipt for the work carried out 3 weeks ago. Is it normal??
  16. splang

    Retro-fit COMMAND - bought a c-class 180k 2 weeks ago , brand new

    (pre-facelift). How much would it cost to have command installed please? Also, would that invalidate my warranty - as all the parts are mb parts? Many thanks in advance - (ps anyone had it done in a c-class w203?) Would it develop a rattle?? I cant stand rattles - that why i changed from...
  17. P

    Many years ago on the A2 into London........

    It was a beautiful summers evening before all the speed cameras (must have been 7-9 years ago) the road was pretty empty, and I was caning it up the A2 coming into London. Those of you that drive the road will know it goes from 'normal' motorway type road where there are open verges and good...
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