1. A

    Drink driving and Portable Alcohol tester

    Hello As its nearly the silly season :) and we all like to have a good time I would like to think the fact we are all car nuts value our licence more than a little drink. So I'm not about to preach... Only I was just sent an e-mail and the special offer was a mobile breath tester...
  2. HB

    Buying Alcohol online

    Evening guys. Do many of you buy alcohol online, if so, what do you buy and from where. Also, are the Id checks quite good to rule out underage purchasing.
  3. D

    Just add alcohol for the desired effect...

  4. Palfrem

    HMRC & Police raids on illicit alcohol shops

    Now, call me a simple soul, but if I was planning to raid premises in the hope of catching suplliers and retailers of dodgy booze, I may be tempted to keep my mouth shut until after the raids...? BBC News - Customs raids target shops selling counterfeit alcohol
  5. marty359

    Best place to buy alcohol?

    I dont drink alcohol but I need enough beer and wine for 40 guests over in Italy for 1 night.The cars going on a train all the way to Livorno so I can fill it with beer but wheres the cheapest place to buy it? Sainsburys and Tescos seem to be doing some good deals at the moment or is there...
  6. Gucci

    Minimum alcohol price

    I see the Chief Medical officer recommends a minimum price for alcohol to tackle binge drinking based on alcoholic strength. I don't drink, but I fail to see why the good people of this country are being punished for the pathetic individuals who abuse the bottle. I can forsee the "hangover"...
  7. E

    Ban All Alcohol On Flights

    A plane was forced to make an emergency landing when two British women tried to open the cabin door mid-flight, police have said. The women were drinking on board an XL Airways flight flight from Kos in Greece to Manchester on Wednesday afternoon when they became rowdy. The plane made an...
  8. WLeg

    Teenagers and alcohol.

    Specifically our 14 year old daughter.......But I'm sure I'm not alone.. Complains a lot. Because we won’t let her go out with “school friends” (and their friends, and older brothers their friends, etc), or let her go to clubs/pubs and drink. We are happy for her to have a small glass...
  9. carnut

    Tesco & Alcohol (wine!)

    Interesting timing considering the very recent debate on cheap booze but at the risk of being judged on my vinicutural tastes you may like to know Tesco are doing a 3 for 2 promo on wine; Some prices have gone up of course but if you look around the deals you may find a bargain (or 3) Just...
  10. bigyank

    Advice please - W126: the idea and the (alcohol induced) dream

    Hello Again, relative newbie here. I posted a bit prior to my daughter Loretta arriving (Life of Brian Jokes welcome :) ) and then obviously have had my hands full. Back now with a bit of a conundrum - and apologies for the verbose nature of this post but I want to be able to provide the full...
  11. guydewdney

    Alcohol as an alternative fuel.

    why not? The brazillians iirc have been using it for years. whats involved in getting a car to run on alcohol based fuel? (not the stuff the drag racers use) Whats the downside? Why cant I set up a still in my back garden? Anyone know of a the formula (volume /mass wise) for...
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