1. 219

    Learners to be allowed on motorways ...
  2. Petrol Pete

    I think I might be allowed in the AMG lounge now

    Yesterday I picked up my C55 AMG wagon, ten years old with over 100000 miles on the clock and it drives very ,very well. It fells very well screwed together, solid. BUT a few things weren't screwed on so well , can anyone put me on the right track for a replacement badge for the engine cover ...
  3. V

    Clifford cat 1 alarm fitted but shock sensor not allowed??

    Hello, My Vito w639 only has a factory immobiliser so I just got professionally fitted a oem clifford 330x1 alarm to make it a full Thatcham cat 1 alarm upon collection I asked the actual guy who installed it what the sensitivity on the shock sensor is set to which he answered it's been...
  4. A1EK

    Is muffler delete in the UK allowed and how?

    Hello My rear back exhaust box I notice has a very slight leak at the seam and got me thinking about opening it up and removing the internal mufflers for a better sound as I only have a CLK230 Kompressor but wished I had a deeper roar to my exhaust ! I am in the UK, so does anyone know that if...
  5. Scott_F

    I Know That Politics Isn't Allowed On Here.....

    ......but I think that we can make an exception for this lady:
  6. Sprint-Man

    Am I allowed to return, please?

    :bannana: I've strayed from MB for 14 months, but yesterday I bought a C180K Classic, I wonder if I'm allowed to return, please? Sprint-Man
  7. D

    What's allowed?

    Earlier I posted a new thread asking if anyone was able to enlighten me as to how the Labour party intended to generate all the new jobs that they promised to guarantee if/when they get into power. It was a...
  8. T

    Is talking about LPG allowed in the AMG Lounge

    Guys, Now my 53" S211 E270cdi has probably been damaged beyond economical repair, I have my eyes on a lovely 59' plate S211 E63, with only 22k on the clock. Am going to view tomorrow. I am an estate lover, & I think these are the best looking. I don't think there is much difference in...
  9. developer

    Mormons - am I allowed to ask?

    Or will it be classed as a religious thread - even though that won't be the tone of my question :dk:.
  10. nick mercedes

    should poor people be allowed to have 9 kids?

    Somewhere worse than Donny (!?!): Skint - Channel 4 - Info - Press Should rich taxpayers have to sponsor all this, or should there be a cull?
  11. T

    Not sure where or if I'm allowed to post

    Hi all, its been a long time since I've posted and I know I haven't posted much at all but looking for a bit of advice really. My father has fallen ill and is no longer able to drive his Mercedes any more. It's a 1999 plate with very low mileage(less than 15000) and just basically need to...
  12. V

    Are you allowed a LHD car in Australia

    Quick question.....are you allowed to have LHD drive cars in Australia. Car in question is a 1950's Yank Tank. I have the nagging feeling that they dont allow LHD cars into Australia, but then couldn't recall if this just applied to new cars or whether I was dreaming about it!!!
  13. J

    Are we not allowed to do this? Ha Ha Ha

    Driver eating cereal on M25: An hour of lawbreaking on motorway | Mail Online:eek:
  14. Satch

    Plod not allowed to change flat tyres

    On their own patrol cars that is. Some genius went so far down the outsourcing route they now have to wait for the contract company to turn up. "Details of the policy emerged after two officers were left waiting to be rescued for almost two hours in Surbiton, south London, after getting a...
  15. L

    Am I allowed back?

    Well... After selling my W202 C280 back in February.. I stopped looking at the site.. Since then I owned a Land Rover Defender for a bit.. for offroading, but quickly got fed up with sub 20mpg, and lack of everything!.. then I got a bangernomics 106 1.5D for its 60+ mpg but got fed up...
  16. PaulE230

    Are members allowed a main dealer discount ?

    Are members allowed a main dealer discount ? Just a thought
  17. A

    Why are we not allowed to be English

    Following a link from MBClub I found this, do you think we are ever going to be allowed to be English again.
  18. S

    Am I allowed to post a link?

    Hi peeps, My car is up for sale on eBay but I don't want to post a link to it in case that would be against the rules. Is it? Or would it be OK to provide a link direct to my auction? Cheers, Steve
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