1. BarryWhitt

    Just got these pedals from Amazon

    Not fitted yet because my car is at the detailers having a ceramic coating. Item Subtotal: £30.12 Postage & Packing: £4.75 Free Shipping: -£4.75 Total: £30.12 Click on photos to go to links
  2. Brian 1

    Amazon Echo

    I had an alexa for Christmas, its quite amazing really does anyone have one?
  3. addbuyer

    Amazon... Big problem exposed

    So this year, as a thank you to some good customers, I decide to give them Amazon gift cards in a presentation pack instead of John Lewis vouchers or hampers. My daughter who works for me placed an order for a number of cards with a £100 nomination on, lets just say its a considerable sum. The...
  4. ShaunB

    Amazon echo dot

    I purchased one of these a few days ago, together with two TP link smart plugs. The dot works really well and I'm impressed with it, also controlling lights via voice is also really handy. The TP link plugs on their own would also be really handy, as you can control them remotely, set on off...
  5. grober

    amazon echo teardown

    Just for tech geeks--- see what the innards of Amazon's Echo looks like. [YOUTUBE HD]zAtMlKbaPRE[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. D

    Amazon Echo/Dot

    Has anyone bought one of these? I'm thinking of one for the office, playing music and so on.
  7. b1g1an

    CTEK MXS 5.0 on Amazon Lightening deal till 2pm

    Best price it's been for a while... Excellent bit of kit and the recon once a year function really helps keeping the convenience functions message away.
  8. BTB 500

    Amazon account hacked

    Woke up to a series of emails this morning confirming that my Amazon account had been hacked and used to place an order at around 3AM. The perp had tried to get the vendor to deliver to a different address, which they refused to do. Then changed the email address on the account. Amazon detected...
  9. M

    Philips X-treme Vision 130%+ H7 Bulbs Amazon Deal

    Hi all Amazon got a deal expiring in an hour or so on the above bulbs £12.45 for 2x bulbs is a cracking deal if you are a prime member.
  10. uumode

    Mercedes E class showcase / placement on Amazon UK

    I guess it's similar to advertising on those big oversized billboards on the main entry routes into London Product placement in a high traffic area, only in this case it's Amazon.
  11. boomtings

    H&R springs cheap on Amazon. W124 e500 and others.

    I just noticed that H&R lowering springs for a w124 are £75 and e500 version is even less! H&R 29569-2 Performance Spring Set. £75.82 H&R 29855-1 Performance Spring Set £59 Not sure what else is available.
  12. Piff

    Amazon - scam or real?

    I've just received this Hello Mr X X Xxxxx, This is an important message from Amazon. At Amazon we take your security and privacy very seriously. As part of our routine monitoring, we discovered a list of email address and password sets posted online. While the list was not...
  13. st13phil

    Mad 788bhp Volvo Amazon

    Built by Mattias Vöcks, a Swedish engineer who works for Koenigsegg, and owned by Guy Martin who described it as "like turning up to a knife fight with an AK-47" :) g7QKxcH4DFw
  14. whizzkid11

    Amazon Voucher

    For Sale: Amazon Voucher £100 value Will accept £90 by BT PM if interested
  15. Meldrew2

    Amazon start filming

    Secret spy shot - have Amazon started filming the new series of Top Gear?
  16. LTD

    Prime Gear - Amazon looking at selling cars ?

    OK, we now know that the three amigos are now contracted to Amazon to make a car series :thumb: From previous Amazon Prime series, it is evident that they have the ability to produce some good programmes and their budget doesn't seem to be on a shoe-string. It is only widely known that their...
  17. DSM10000

    Ex Top Gear trio move to Amazon.....

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May sign for Amazon Prime - BBC News
  18. N

    £100 Amazon e-voucher.

    Received a £100 Amazon voucher from EE as part of their deal for changing BB, landline etc. Don't really use Amazon so it's for sale. £95 by bank transfer. Please PM me if you are interested.
  19. Stratman

    Question on buying from Amazon

    I've looked at their FAQs but still can't work out a definitive answer so here goes. This applies specifically to Amazon UK rather than a general import query. If I buy something from which is sourced from outside the EU (China or Singapore for example), is the displayed price the...
  20. N

    Amazon Prime

    I'm probably just a bit slow, but I have noticed that my Amazon Prime membership comes with Amazon instant video for free. Might be of interest to someone. Amazon Instant Video: Amazon Instant Video
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