1. D

    2014 C220 Coupe - ENGINE LIGHT AMBER

    Hi Everyone, Since yesterday the engine management light has been constantly on amber. I am taking it into Mercedes in a couple of days but I am fairly worried. It has only done 20,000 miles. Does anyone know what could of gone wrong? I may just be tricking myself but it feels as if my car...
  2. M

    w124 amber indicators

    w124 front and side indicators needed.
  3. alistairgd

    Amber Engine Warning Light - Safe until Monday?

    So my Christmas day present from MB seems to be a new light on my 2012 C180 Saloon - an amber engine warning light on the dash. No other warning lights, no performance issues, nothing. Only recent actions were an MB service 8 weeks ago, fuelled up yesterday, and did tyre pressures today...
  4. BillyW124

    R129 sl Amber front indicators

    These are now NLA from merc, does anyone have a pair up for grabs?
  5. A

    1999 R129 SL280 Oil Light Continuously Amber - Faulty Oil Level Sender Unit?

    Hello all. The Oil Light is glowing Amber continuously. The Oil level is correct and there are no Oil leaks. The car has only covered 65k. It sounds like a faulty Oil Level Sender Unit to me but could it be something else? Where is the Oil Level Sender Unit located and how easy or hard is...
  6. W

    Wanted - set of Amber indicator R129

    Hi all, Looking for a nice unmarked set of front and side repeater amber indicators. Must be genuine parts. If interested i can swap for a clear set on my car. Last shout before I buy new. Thanks
  7. M

    usdm look on the merc cls (amber indicators)

    Hi guys, just wondering if it is possible to have the usdm look on the cls, those who are not sure what it is. basically the amber indicators staying on permanently. someone said this can be done by star but not too sure? any thoughts? cheers
  8. BillyW124

    w124 Amber front indicator's on 95>

    I've been thinking about putting amber blinkers on the coupe for a while to break up the front end up a little. It also gives it some character i feel. Ok so it is unusual to see a facelift coupe with pre-facelift CE blinkers but what the hell! IMO with the Azurite blue with the orange...
  9. Johnny-P

    W211 Amber side lights

    Hi all My first Merc is a 2004 W211 E320 est AG. Slowly but surely i am getting around to making it how i want it and the next thing on my list is to get rid of the horrible amber side lights it has. Now, i haven't looked into this at all so i was wondering what is involved,is it just a simple...
  10. C

    W201 / 190e Amber fog light refelectors

    bit of a long shot... looking for some amber coloured fog light refelctors, option no. 610 for french W201s
  11. A

    Amber 'running lights'?

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the point of these? I saw a new 7 series beemer with them tonight and it just looked like the indicator was stuck on.. :confused:
  12. P

    Engine warning light (amber)

    Hi, Last night my engine warning light came on (amber) on my C55 AMG. Does anyone know what the likely causes could be? I'm planning to get it looked at shortly but I was trying to get an idea whether its more likely to be an electrical fault (i.e. just a light reset) or whether its likely...
  13. L

    Amber Indicators - W202

    Hey all Does anyone have a pair of original amber front indicators for W202 C280 Sport. My car has come with clear indicators but would prefer the original orange ones. Thanks Lee
  14. C

    WTB: 202 Front Indicators - Amber

    Hey guys, Looking for some amber front indicators for the 202 chassis. Trying to deal with breakers in the UK, but wanted to see if anybody had some lying around for a fellow 202 owner across the pond. I appreciate it! Post would be to Suffolk. Got relatives visiting the US later this month...
  15. C

    amber side lights

    on a 210 eclass is there a brighter white type of bulb to put in there, as i dont like these at all and whats the bulb number any advice welcome.
  16. J

    WTB: Amber Corners

    If anone has these for sale or can get them please pm or e-mail me. This for for a w202. Thanks.
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