1. Shala

    Pioneer 10cm speakers @ Argos for £7.99, hope this helps someone

    Buy Pioneer TS-G1001i Dual Cone In-Car Speakers. at - Your Online Shop for .
  2. vibesg

    Argos Integration Bluetooth D2b Kit

    After months of research into this kit I finally toook the plunge. My 2003 CLK came with lots of extas but no telephone prewire. It did have a Sony Ericsson hands free kit which muted the speakers but I always hated looking at the Comand screen without being able to use the telephone function...
  3. joe

    Argos Bluetooth

    I have searched the forums and found quite a few people have mentioned these units....has anyone bought and fitted and are they as good as the web site says? My w203 (pre-face lift)without phone pre-wire, Comand fitted. Quite a few places offering them Argos D2B Any Input Appreciated...
  4. Dryce

    Argos Sony Satnav Deal

    Went to Argos to get a Sony NU-52C Satnav today at £149.99 (needed something in a hurry for use with a rental). The till operator warned that the product might be substituted with something equivalent. What they actually supplied was the NU-82G which is widescreen and can be upgraded with a new...
  5. High-Lo

    Chavs at Argos

    If you got to the Argos Website and do a search on 'CHAV' the results are quite funny. In real 'Chav' style you will find such items as gold bling chains :D
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