1. Sturge

    Green oaks MB ascot rant

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone has dealt with these clowns? Maybe it's because I drive a Vito that I don't get the service I pay for or get any communication from these guys once they've had my money. Still waiting for a new remote for my auxiliary heating and it's been now two months since...
  2. Y8cel

    Meet this Sunday @ Ascot

    Is anybody attending McLaren Ascot Sunday for the PH South East monthly gathering, I'll be there
  3. reflexboy

    MB Ascot

    Anyone know if MB Ascot (greenoaks) is open tomorrow?
  4. F

    SLS AMG Spotted at Mercedes Ascot

    Hi Everyone First post (be gentle). I was picking up my 2010 E350 CDi BlueEFF from Greenoaks Mercedes, Ascot. I spotted THIS. :rock:
  5. Whitey

    Ascot Dress Code

    Guys Anyone been to an Ascot raceday ? (not Royal Ascot). I will be going to a beer festival next month as a Premier entrant, just wondering how strict these codes are ? Of course, I will be wearing, shirt, trousers, shoes and be looking my best - but I am no clothes lover and do not have...
  6. Alfie

    Great service from Greenoaks Ascot

    All too often people bash some dealerships on the forum. Well I can only say how good Greenoaks in Ascot are. When I started looking for a new Smart I contacted three dealers. Two followed up the enquiries regularly and kept in touch. One more so than the other. It was Chris Odell at...
  7. R

    Today in Budgens carpark in Ascot

    Just been up to Budgens in Ascot. In the access road that goes into their carpark is parked ... a) Bugatti Veyron b) Paganni Zonda F c) A very fancy looking Rolls Royce - (I think its a Phantom) Richard
  8. BTB 500

    Feedback on M-B of Ascot?

    Have driven past the new M-B Ascot place a couple of times - any recent feedback on them for servicing ... especially older cars like my R129? I've used Tony Purslow in Guildford for the last 3 years, but they are 15 miles away now and M-B Ascot is 2 miles!
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