1. sspeed

    Numb Ass

    Well this is posted in the "Off Topic" section.. Need a new chair for PC use.. The one I have is only a few months old but its massively uncomfortable..I literally get pins and needles if I sit in it for more than about half an hour.. Has anyone any good recommendations for a VERY comfy...
  2. The Boss

    eyecatching ass!.. and more lol

  3. Palfrem

    Ass kicker Obama vs BP

    Anyone getting a bit fed up over President Obama's rhetoric over BP? It's grim scenario for sure, but perhaps he may like to contemplate the rather more serious outcome of another failed valve on a plant operated by a US company this time and compare the levels of USofA response and...
  4. Supacool1

    Kick Ass

    I watched the above movie last nite and it was brilliant! I highly recommend it if you are into superhero movies as this one is different. It was really funny but was violent as well. Kinda like a spoof of the genres, but without being lame or crap like Superhero movie and the like. Plus as a...
  5. nigel cross

    Is the Law an Ass?

    A strange thing has occurred. A Porsche 911 4s has been left on my dads drive since Friday, by ???? No one we know, phoned the Police who checked if it was stolen, no they said. And as it is on private property they will not act. If I try and move it and it gets damaged I will be liable for...
  6. GazCaff

    Darth Vader being an ass!

    I laughed my head off when I found this! :D
  7. Iyse

    W202 new ass, pic included

    Got my whiteout lights the other day. Bit of a bad pic, and I've got to replace to indicators with silver bulbs. Lemme know what you think. :)
  8. stwat

    S600 kickin ass Watch it eat a dodge viper for breakfast!!!! :eek:[/url] ] 11.75 quarter mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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